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With the Stroke of a Pen, Joe Biden Betrays America’s Sovereignty

With the “stroke of a pen,” Joe Biden signed the January 2023 Declaration of North America that has betrayed American sovereignty as a Nation, making one “North America” country out of Mexico, the USA, and Canada.

This move fulfills long-hidden international accords and UN agreements among the signatory nations that reach back to 1992. But the origins of the “one world government” actually began in force in 1910 with the British Royal Institute of International Affairs, and then the 1920 creation of the US Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) under President Woodrow Wilson that has served as the shadow government of America for the past 102 years.

Two international attorneys on today’s Whistleblower Report expose the hidden powers controlling all of us in America in a tangled web of legal agreements that erased our Constitution and our Constitutional rights so dramatically and chillingly during the COVID lockdowns and mass vaccinations – a tyranny that has cost over 1.1 million American lives, closed thousands of small businesses, sabotaged our food and fuel supplies, and devastating damage to our military strength and national security. 

America, this is a show you cannot afford to miss – and begin to take the legal actions in your community and state that our attorneys discuss today.

Please help get the word out. This is the death of America and explains the open borders we discussed on January 16, 2023, Whistleblower Report.

Go to Legal Action Steps, forms, and legal template documents are available free at and

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