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Technocracy: Tyranny’s Tool for Usurping Liberty

The American people are angrier and angrier about what is happening to our America. Alarmed by the rise of tyranny, loss of medical freedom, invasion of illegals across our borders, alarming deaths and injuries after the COVID shots, skyrocketing costs of food and fuel, children being taught “critical race theory and sexual perversion in schools, stolen elections, and rampant abuse of power ⏤ all of which threaten to bring down America as the greatest and best hope for all mankind.

How is this happening at such “warp speed”? What is the legal framework that allows such a takeover of our liberty? How does “Technocracy” play a role? What exactly is “technocracy?” How does it differ from a Constitutional Republic?

International attorney Todd Callender explains what has been taking place over many decades that has eroded the true Constitutional checks and balances our Founders createdHe also discusses some of the actions we as Americans still have at our disposal to stand against this assault on our freedom. Read more on all these tools you can use for Legal Action Steps, filing criminal complaints, and adapting their legal template documents to your own fight to defend your freedom, all available at www.VAXXChoice.com and www.5SmallStones.com.

In the face of all this tyrannical control of our lives, there is good news amidst the darkness: Our God reigns! This is the Lord’s fight. It is WeThePeople who can choose to stand in the gap, to serve the Lord in restoring order, enforcing the law, bringing criminals to justice, and defending freedom on all fronts.

In the true American Spirit, we keep the faith. We encourage the faithful, we speak out, and we lead in communities. We get involved to ACT in Faith, we KEEP the faith, and we turn to God as our Founders did and trust that He will prevail over evil.

For more information, go to Truth for Health Foundation website www.TruthForHealth.org. Download our Vaccine Injury Treatment Guide, file a Citizens Vaccine Injury Report, check our medical and legal resources for help, sign up for newsletter alerts and join in the fight for medical freedom on all fronts.

Your generosity keeps us in the fight for TruthWe still have major battles to defend our freedom on all fronts, especially for our military, who are needing legal defense support. Your contributions will greatly help us support more military families and launch the new year from a position of strength. https://secure.anedot.com/truth-for-health-foundation/donate

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