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Danger! Legal Strategies to Remove 5G/LED Towers in Your Community

The telecoms industry and other regulatory bodies have continually denied the real purpose, and the existence of the radiation dangers posed by the deployment of 5G technologies. These telecoms execs have actively misled the public by issuing demonstrably false press releases through local and national media, as well as by making false statements in courts in failed attempts to discredit experts, including Mark Steels, even though they had been advised by their own intelligence agencies that the experimental, uninsurable-for-harm technology was and is extremely dangerous to the security of the state.

International attorneys Todd Callender and Mark Steele have been working tirelessly on this research: British engineer, inventor, patent writer, and weapons research and fracture mechanics scientist. Mark is an engineer with a materials science background, and inventor of the world’s first binocular optical waveguides, weapons sight systems, infrared thermal imaging head-up displays, molecular reactors, signal processing, and transducer design, to name a few of his many patents.

5G and LED Street lighting as weapons systems? Isn’t 5G wireless just a communication technology for “faster” internet speeds? Aren’t LED street lights more “climate-friendly,” using less energy and costing less to operate? What is truth vs. fiction here? And how do both 5G and LED street lighting systems affect your health? How can they be used as weapons to maim and kill?

Mark explains the health risks and potential harm to the body from with EMF radiation from all the “G’s” but explains that 5G is completely different from 1-4G and 5G is exponentially worse for many technical reasons. Typically, the 5G antenna design uses a larger power input and directed output to deliver focused, high-power data compression signals measured in watts or electron volts. The aviation industry, including Boeing and Airbus, have recently raised concerns over 5G due to its capability to endanger passenger aircraft that do not have the military mitigation technologies in a civilian setting to protect their pilots or aeroplane flight control systems against directed energy emissions.

READ THE FULL COLUMN: 5G and LED Street Lighting as Weapons Systems? What You Need to Know Now!

On this podcast on The Whistleblower Report, Todd Callender and Mark Steele discuss the various Legal Means to Halt/Remove 5G Towers in Municipalities. One approach involves filing complaints of harm with local law enforcement agencies. Template forms are available at www.5SmallStones.com and www.VAXXChoice.com, and www.TruthForHealth.org.

For more details and supporting research references included in this column, download Mark Steele’s “Expert Report on Fifth Generation (5G) Directed Energy Radiation Emissions in the Context of Nanometal-contaminated Vaccines that include Covid-19 with Graphite Ferrous Oxide Antennas.

CITIZEN ACTION Resources for Notice of Harm to Municipalities:
5G – An “Uninsurable Risk”

Proof of 5G/EMF Health Dangers – From Cece Doucette


Education Services Director, Wireless Education

New Hampshire Legislative Report on EMF/5G

Free Introductory Educational Webinars

Health in Buildings Roundtable Conference @ NIH

Expert Forum on Wi-fi in Schools

TechSafe Schools

Municipal Presentation on 5G & EMFs

Additional YouTube EMF Talks

Generation Zapped Award-Winning Film

EMF Conference for Health Practitioners

National League of Cities


info@nlc.org tel:877-827-2385

National League of Cities  – Mutual Insurance Risk Pools in 28 States – They deal with AIG.


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Guest Contact Details:

Mark Steele www.SaveUsNow.org.uk and https://forlifeonearth.weebly.com/mark-steele-expert-report-on-5g-emissions-in-context-of-nanometal-contaminated-vaccines.html

Todd Callender, Esq: www.VAXXChoice.comwww.5SmallStones.com www.DRAdvocates.com

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