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Pediatric Pandemic Impacts; Makings of A Whistleblower Trio

Today’s program provides the audience the opportunity to get to know the hosts’ personal and professional experiences with the COVID-19 Pandemic. All three of our co-hosts for the Pediatric Report have paid a high price for the lies, deceptions, and unlawful COVID shot mandates that have cost lives, livelihoods and trampled upon core human rights, bodily integrity, and fundamental medical freedom that are God’s gifts in the divine inspiration for the founding principles of America. These experiences have had profound, life-changing impacts, which have led to the formation of a Pediatric Whistleblower Team with Truth For Health Foundation.

The Pediatric Whistleblower team consists of a pediatric intensive care physician, a nurse, and a single parent who lost his healthy, athletic, 16-year-old only son five days after the Pfizer shot. These three individuals; Monique Robles, MD, MS Bioethics; Nicole Landers, RN, BSN, CCM, LNC; and Ernest Ramirez, Sr., (the father of the late Ernest Ramirez, Jr.), have come together to share their stories of loss, their knowledge, and their hope for a brighter future.

The Pediatric Whistleblower team exposes medical truths covered up by our government, media, and public health institutions. We teach and encourage parents to empower our listeners to make well-informed decisions for the health of their children. We deliver each week practical tools and resources for parents to nurture, protect and defend their children in the turbulent times in which we live. Out of adversity with this silent attack on our children, we are here to carry out God’s calling for us to bring voices and experiences for hope and healing.

To learn more about Mr. Ramirez and his tragic story of the loss of his son, please tune into “COVID Vaccine Death-A Parent’s Tragic Story.”

In the words of Mr. Ramirez:

“I am the father of Ernesto Ramirez Jr. I raised Jr on my own as a single father. When Jr. was born, my world changed for the best. I took the role of being his father with much pride and he was the center of my life. We were not rich, but everything we had was enough to get us through. When the news came from the media and the government that there was a “safe and effective vaccine,” we were told that everyone needed to get the vaccine for our health and to stop the spread. I decided to do the right thing and keep my son safe. This turned out to be the worst decision of my life. Suddenly, my son was dead, and I was planning his funeral.

Jr was the best son a dad could have. Everyone loved him and told me so. He was a good boy. He played baseball and had many friends. Jr had his first dose of the Pfizer vaccine on April 19th, 2021. Five days later, while playing basketball, Jr suddenly collapsed and died right in front of his best friend. The paramedics tried to revive my son, but they couldn’t. That’s the day my world ended. Jr’s autopsy showed that he died from myocarditis. Junior was a healthy boy who loved playing baseball, and video games with his friends, enjoyed the outdoors, and he loved fishing. He was the best son any father could ask for, and he was my best friend.

Seven months after Jr passed, FEMA contacted me and asked me to change his cause of death to COVID so they could help me financially. I told them that I would never do that, and I would definitely never disrespect my son in that way. The government has completely abandoned me. The government killed my son. I know nothing will bring Jr back, and I miss him every day. My pain is so unbearable. The only thing that I can do now is to try to help others. I don’t want any other family to go through what I’m going through.

The only time I spend with him now are visits to the cemetery every weekend before church, on holidays, and on Junior’s birthday. Parents should be given full information about possible side effects so they can make informed decisions. Parents are watching. We see you coming for our children. Hidden truths are unspoken lies… we will not be hidden any longer!”

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