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Faith Over Fear – 8.11.2022

Our August series of topics will focus on The NOAH Example: The Biblical Basis of Preparation, NOT Panic. 

This week’s Speakers:

  • Elizabeth Lee Vliet MD, Preventive and Climacteric Medicine, President and CEO, Truth for Health Foundation
  • Guest speaker via video Dr. Zach Bush presenting a segment on “Chemical Farming and The Loss of Human Health.”
  • Nicole Landers, RN, BSN, CCM, Legal Nurse Consultant, Director of the TFH COVID Care Strategy Team
  • Kathryn A. Kresnik, Exercise Physiologist, Nutrition and Wellness Coach, Vive Life Center

Topic: The Noah Example – Planning Your Survival Kit for Chaos Ahead. Our guest speaker’s presentation sets the stage for why the attention to healthy food is so critical as we prepare for the days ahead. Dr. Bush’s description of the assault on our environment, plant life, and the human body have many connections with the events of Noah’s day described so eloquently in last week’s program. That talk leads into the practical suggestions and preparations from Dr. Vliet, nurse Nicole Landers and exercise physiologist Kathy Kresnik with specific strategies for changing our lifestyles and nutrition to improve health and resilience. We will discuss food to consider for long term supplies, meal preparation, long-term food/water resources and storage techniques that anyone can learn and use, even when space is limited. The focus of this program is to help you prepare to become more self-sufficient in the event of shortages, and to ultimately strengthen your faith and trust in the Lord.

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