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Faith Over Fear – 02.27.24 – Border Invasion Threats Part II: The Role of K-9 Security Dogs for Additional Personal Protection

Speaker: Jim Houck explains in Part II the reasons that the invasion of military aged-males from countries with such violent history mean we should seriously consider a professionally trained security K-9 for homes and businesses. Jim has trained K-9 security dogs for more than 30 years for Tier 1 special forces operators, Law Enforcement (LE) agencies across the US, including: Miami Beach Police, Miami Police, Los Angeles Police, New Orleans Police, and the Los Angeles County Police K-9 Association. Jim was lead K-9 officer for the Lake Arthur Police in New Mexico, a statewide unit that augmented and provided kinetic solutions for all LE statewide, including United States Marshals Service. Jim currently trains K-9 security dogs for private clients and provides a pro bono training service for single mothers and abuse victims in Texas.

Trainers and Breeders Jim Houck works with and recommends:

1. Mike and Megan Haus Train Tier 1 dogs for US Special Forces as well as law enforcement and civilians. Assists in selection of dogs, as well as classes for training. Based in West Virginia.

2. Mike Ritland, US Navy SEAL (retired) Trikos provides selection and training services for elite, top tier security dogs for high net worth individuals, businesses, military and law enforcement. Mike is a NY times best-selling author of several books, and has a library of podcasts and videos available. Mike also offers Team Dog Online Training, an organized subscription on line series of video classes, with plans starting at $99/year:

“When it comes to finding the best online dog training program, Team Dog Online Training at is a comprehensive platform that offers a wealth of valuable resources to help both new and experienced dog owners foster strong bonds and effective communication with their furry companions. With a range of training modules and expert guidance, Team Dog provides a tailored experience that tackles behavioral challenges, obedience training, and overall canine well-being. At the heart of Team Dog Online Training is a deep understanding that successful dog training goes beyond simple commands. The program delves into the psychology of dogs and equips owners with the skills to establish trust, respect, and harmony with their pets. Through video tutorials, step-by-step instructions, and real-life demonstrations, Team Dog empowers dog owners to address behavioral issues while nurturing a positive and enriching relationship. With its user-friendly interface, evidence-based methods, and a passionate community of dog enthusiasts, Team Dog Online Dog Training is the top-tier choice for those seeking a comprehensive and effective approach to dog training. “

3. source for Kong rubber chew toys for bite training and other supplies , including the electronic training collars. Here is the description of the Dog E-Collars available: Electronic dog collars, also known as E-Collars, have been a popular police and military dog training aid for more than 30 years. Whether you want the recently updated Tri-Tronics and Garmin or the innovative and price-sensitive Dogtra models, the Ray Allen Manufacturing collection of E-Collars covers all the functions needed for your electronic dog collar training for bark suppression, gun dog work, or recall training. Learn more about E-Collars by reading our Ultimate Guide to Dog E-Collars, and be sure to view our blog post on Common E Collar mistakes and how to avoid them. We also have a handy E-Collar Comparison Chart to help make your buying decision easier.

In addition to the resources Jim Houck recommends, Dr. Vliet has personal experience working with Arizona breeder and trainer in Tucson. Guthrie’s specializes in breeding German Shepherds for service and guide dogs, K-9 working dogs for law enforcement and civilian protection. They also provide individual training services for re-training problem dogs.

Guthrie’s uses the classic dog training methods of WR Koehler, the trainer who developed the military K-9 program during WWII, trained K-9 dogs for law enforcement, and also trained dogs actors for Walt Disney and other major movie studios. The Koehler Method of Dog Training is available on Amazon in Kindle ($2.99) and from various sellers in hardcover (price varies). Comment from Dr. Vliet:

“Even if you decide not to use the WR Kohler method of training, reading the book is incredibly valuable guidance on understanding the psychology and consistency in approaches to training dogs. The principles apply to children as well as pets: Consistency, fairness, structure and discipline and praise for the desired response work wonders for all of us! It is worth taking time to read this book and understand the philosophy and psychology of training any dog. I have not yet tried the Team Dog online training classes Mike Ritland offers, but plan to also try that for continued practice and reinforcement of principles from my local individual training sessions. I have also been pleased with my purchases (bite Kongs, E-collar) from the Ray Allen website Jim Houck recommended.”

Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet, CEO Truth For Health Foundation

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