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Faith Over Fear – 8.18.2022

Our August series of topics will focus on The NOAH Example: The Biblical Basis of Preparation, NOT Panic.

This week’s Speakers:

August 18: The Noah Example for Your Family – Homesteading Techniques for Self Sufficiency with Navy Commander Rob Green (co-host with Dr. Vliet), Rob and Jessica Barr from Barr Family Ranch, AZ small family ranchers (who provide food for a family of 10 as they raise vegetables, cows, pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, pheasant, and turkeys on a 3-acre family ranch).  They also share their story of COVID survival at home with early treatment, and the tragic loss of a parent denied proper COVID treatment in a local Tucson hospital.

Upcoming programs:

August 25: Biblical Prophecy Connections with Today’s Events. Our guest speakers are an American pastor and an international news correspondent focused on global events involving Israel and the Middle East.  Our guest speakers are not only Biblical scholars but also politically astute observers of world events and are both involved in presenting radio and other media programs on world events as well as their ministry outreach.  More on their backgrounds and the details of this program to come!

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