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Faith Over Fear – 7.14.2022

TOPIC: The Neurobiopsychosocial Basis of Crowd Behavior

This presentation addresses the reality of crowd behavior we are seeing today, and often referred to as “mass formation psychosis.” Our neuroscientist expert, Dr. Stephen Sammut, who is also a devout man of faith, presents an integrated biological-scientific, psychological, historical and spiritual perspective. The information presented realistically only skims the surface of these complex connections, but the hope is that it stimulates the all of us to contemplate deeper the reality of our individual worth and our call to live in accordance with God design and purpose for our lives.

To understand the fullness of the complexity of human behavior, we must explore the intimate links between the physical, psychological, and spiritual facets that make us human. We are endowed with individual personal gifts for our good and the good of those around us, and individually, we are called to raise ourselves and those around us towards the Divine. Yet, when we lose touch with our humanity, or lose our capacity to reason, or fall away from our moral compass, then we can easily fall victim to being manipulated and controlled, dragged down into the crowd behavior, rather than uplifting ourselves and those around us.

This week’s Speaker:

Dr. Stephen Sammut received a B.Pharm from Monash University in Victoria, Australia and a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from the University of Malta in Malta, Europe. His research interests lie in investigating the interaction between the endocrine, immune and nervous systems and their role in influencing behavior under normal and abnormal conditions. He has authored and co-authored several papers in leading scientific journals related to the research he has conducted and also presented his work at various national and international conferences. Dr. Sammut is currently a Full Professor of Psychology at Franciscan University of Steubenville, OH, where he teaches and is also actively involved in research. Dr. Sammut’s research is focused on investigating the neurological, biological and behavioral consequences of drug-induced abortion, in addition to the investigation of the abortion-pill-reversal. He is also conducting research addressing the development of an animal model for embryo transfer in ectopic pregnancy, and in line with his research interest in psychopathology, Dr. Sammut also conducts research addressing behaviors that impact mental health.
For more information on our speaker’s professional work and research, read his website: For additional literature/research pertaining to the Pandemic & Public Health literature please see:

CRITICAL UPDATES YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS! The Making of Social Political Zombies, by Dr. Pedro Blas González, Professor of Philosophy at Barry University, Miami Shores, Florida. This is critical commentary on what is happening in our society today, and it has relevance to our discussion for the July 14 seminar. Millennials and Generation Z have grown up, their values formed in a society where constructive values have been annihilated by nihilism and leftism’s power grab. Millennials and Generation Z have been formed in a morally bankrupted and intellectually/culturally gutted time. In addition to being conditioned by psychotropic medications, illicit drug use, abortion as a contraceptive measure, and relativism as the secular religion of the here-and-now, these generations have had more indoctrination than proper and constructive schooling. Read more in the article with podcast, here:

Biden’s Betrayal of Our Military: Part IV – Planned Destruction of America’s Defense. Dr. Vliet and Dr. David Martin, Attorney Todd Callender, Major Gen. Paul Vallely, and Navy Commander Rob Green add to the voices from Part I-III of this series to expose more on the Biden Administrations’ planned destruction of America’s military using unlawful orders mandating the EUA experimental COVID shots as the means to engineer the systematic destruction of America’s national security through a purging of the most experienced and well-trained military personnel and replacing them with extreme leftists who place ideology above the US Constitution and defense of America. Dr. Vliet interviews

The COMIRNATY DECEPTION: Part III Biden’s Betrayal of Our Military. Dr. Vliet interviews Army Lt. Col. Whistleblower with 18 years’ service to America to discuss the latest –and potentially deadly – deception of our military with the sudden, mysterious appearance of questionable Comirnaty-labeled vials of COVID shots at select military bases…but without the proper and complete FDA labeling as shown in the FDA’s own ”Purple Book” of approved medicines, vaccines, gene therapy products, etc. There are many serious and alarming questions surrounding what are suspected to be counterfeit vials labeled Comirnaty. Why now? Where did it come from? Who manufactured it? What is really in this “Comirnaty-labeled vial” that does not include all the legally required identifying information? Listen and share widely with your networks to help sound the alarm and trigger investigations to protect our America’s sons and daughters in the military.

Biden’s Betrayal of Military: Part II~Threat to Military Readiness Dr. Vliet interviews guests Lt. General Rod Bishop, Jr., Lt. Billy Moseley, and Attorney Mike Rose add to the voices from part one of this series to speak out about the Biden Administration and Biden-appointed Department of Defense (DoD) Lloyd Austin continuing to undermine military readiness and combat effectiveness with the unlawful order mandating the EUA experimental COVID shot.

Biden’s Betrayal of Military: Part I~Threat to National Security Dr. Vliet interviews guests General Tom McInerney, Lt. Col. Peter C. Chambers, D.O., and Lt. John Bowes, speak out about the Biden Administration’s using COVID to engineer a systematic destruction of America’s military and national security. It’s being executed through a purging of the most experienced and well-trained personnel and replacing them with “woke” indoctrinated extreme leftists who place ideology before God, Corps, Duty, Honor, and Country. This alarming betrayal of our national defense has prompted Dr. Vliet and Truth for Health Foundation, and the Foundation’s Military Advisory Council to sound the alarm for the public to understand the dire threat to all of us and America’s national security with the damage being done in designed destruction of our military readiness and fitness. As a result of Biden’s attack on the military, there have been deaths, injuries, and medical damage/disability from the shots, plus service members being forced out of the military, many without due process, causing dire consequences to America.

In case you missed it: Covid Vax: The Likely Culprit in Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. Dr. Vliet’s radio show discusses the alarming rise in sudden deaths of young, healthy people following the COVID shots, and review the court-ordered release of 55,000 pages of Pfizer data that shows they knew these deaths and critical organ damages were occurring with the experimental gene therapy shots. The prideful arrogance and failure to warn the public by the medical profession, Big Pharma, FDA, CDC, NIH, Fauci, and other public health officials are leading to what Dr. Naomi Wolfe and others have called “a genocide.” “The lies revealed are stunning,” says Dr. Naomi Wolf in her recent Substack article that is one of many recent

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