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The Comirnaty Deception: DoD’s Latest Betrayal of Our Military

After a year and a half of having no Comirnaty FDA-approved version of the COVID shot available at any military installation in the US or overseas, suddenly Comirnatry-labeled vials began to appear at a few bases…but without the proper and complete FDA labeling as shown in the FDA’s own ”Purple Book” of approved medicines, vaccines, gene therapy products, etc.

DrLee4America and guest Army Lt. Col. Whistleblower with 18 years of service to America discuss the latest and potentially deadly deception of our military with the sudden, mysterious appearance of Comirnaty-labeled vials of COVID shots at select military bases.

These suspected counterfeit vials only began to show up following the May 18-20, 2022, Board of Inquiry hearings for Navy Lt. Billy Moseley, at which extensive testimony was put into evidence showing conclusively that there had never been any fully FDA-approved licensed COVID shots available to our military service members, even though they were told by Command that they were mandated to receive the COVID shot because it was FDA-approved.

There are many serious and alarming questions surrounding what are suspected to be counterfeit vials labeled Comirnaty. Why now? Where did it come from? Who manufactured it? What is really in this “Comirnaty-labeled vial” that does not include all the legally required identifying information?

Our Army Lt. Col. takes our listeners on a “deep dive” into what the law requires, and what is missing from these suspicious vials, and discusses some of the medical evidence in Pfizer’s own documents that suggest this version of Comirnaty has been reformulated to be maximally weaponized and cause more damage to our service members.

This is a critically important discussion of a new, and potentially more deadly, threat to our military service members’ lives, military readiness, and national security. We urge you to share this widely with your networks to help sound the alarm and help trigger investigations to protect America’s sons and daughters in the military, in volunteer service to our Nation.

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