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Chlorine Dioxide: Does it contribute to human health? A brief review

By Bastidas-Ortiz, Humberto


Chlorine dioxide, ClO2, a non-patentable substance, is a molecule composed by two of the most
disinfectant elements found in nature, chlorine and oxygen, both of them electronegative. As early as 1850, ClO2 has been being used in the oxidation of water and, since 1944, in the treatment of waste water and the bleaching of cellulose. Similarly, oxygen, in the form of hydrogen peroxide, is used to disinfect ambulances, hospital rooms and medical equipment, among other applications. Recently, the Global Health and Life Coalition (GHLC) has reported favourable results in the treatment of COVID-19 using ClO2 under a parameterized protocol designed by scientists members of this organization. Other research works carried out in different parts of the world sustain the hypothesis that, as a relatively stable radical and as a highly oxidant regardless of the pH in its surroundings, ClO2 and its application in an area so sensitive as human health presents itself as an alternative worth studying further.

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