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DAY OF INFAMY: Pearl Harbor Lessons for Today

Today marks the 81st anniversary of Japan’s surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, killing 2,403 Americans and wounding 1,178 others…in addition to destroying most of our Pacific fleet ships at Pearl Harbor Naval Base. 

This vicious act launched the United States into World War II in a death match against evil to preserve and maintain the American ideal — life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

In 1941, Americans didn’t back down. They didn’t cower in their homes. They came together, united, undivided, and used ingenuity, innovation, perseverance, and determination to employ every possible resource to emerge and fight a formidable enemy far more powerful than America was at that time. America emerged victorious as the standard-bearer and beacon of freedom throughout the world. Then America turned our resources to help rebuild all of Europe, including Germany, our former enemy, under the Marshall Plan.

Today, America has had a stealth attack on our homeland like no other in our history – enemies within have turned our federal agencies, courts, Department of Defense leaders, and medical systems against the American people under the guise of “protecting” us from COIVD – which in reality is no worse than the seasonal flu if treated early.  

For the last three years, under cover of COVID policies, the rise of Marxism infiltrating and corrupting all of our institutions has been damaging the very foundations of our Constitutional Republic, as well as destroying our military strength. We are in a far more dire fight against evil now to keep the torch of freedom alive than we faced on Dec. 7, 1941. 

This time, we are at War with a devious enemy within our own borders, within our institutions of the military, govt agencies, medical facilities, courts, schools, and universities – and we have just experienced another stolen election violating the will of We The People.

The global predators seeking to destroy America as a superpower are united with the powers of tyranny in using the contagion called COVID-19 to tear down freedom. They have divided the world into a preferred class of the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. They have divided parents against children. They have purged the military of Constitutional Oathkeepers and service members of faith, which has decimated our military readiness. This administration has opened our borders and flooded our communities with illegal aliens, including hardened criminals and drug cartel members. America, THIS cannot stand.

The casualties are not only those who have perished from the COVID experimental injections and the COVID illness lack of treatment, but also those who stand in the gap against arguably the most egregious civil rights violations, medical tyranny in our hospitals, and the unlawful COVID vaccine mandates that we have ever seen in our history.

These are the brave souls who have stood on principle and patient safety and were fired by the military and civilian employers — told they can no longer serve our Nation or work or support their families if they do not take the government-mandated experimental shots. These courageous whistleblowers and freedom fighters are standing for your freedom and mine. 

Today, on this very hallowed remembrance of Pearl Harbor, we are going to discuss the war on our Constitutional Republic, the war on all our freedoms, the assault on life, and the war on our own bodily integrity, the war on your God-given rights as a human being to choose or refuse medical treatments. 

Lt. General Thomas McInerney, USAF (Ret); Lt. General Rod Bishop, Jr. USAF (Ret); Lt. Col. (Ret) Peter Constantine Chambers, D.O, US Army Green Beret, special operations combat physician and flight surgeon are our special guests on this episode of the Whistleblower Report.

Our guests today are three career military combat veterans and career military officers who had literally risked their lives and sustained injuries to fight for YOUR freedoms. They are speaking out to warn how close we are to losing America to the global tyranny, and to talk with us about what you can do to stop this persecution and destruction of our military and our Constitutional Republic…Those who are today’s Freedom Fighters. For more on all our efforts to defend freedom, go to

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