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We have to stop this madness and FIGHT as our lives depend on it!

August 16, 2021
Anonymous (Champlin, MN, USA)

My 18 year old daughter was going to an out of state college as a freshman fall 21. She is not vaccinated. We did not send her there as this college was going to swab her nose twice a week and then quarantine her in a hotel for 10-14 days in a foreign town. And she would be contact-traced and isolated in a hotel over and over again, if (exposed) by a COVID-positive person. She can’t get the vaccine due to medical exemptions, but now I hear this is only for kids under 18. She stayed in Minnesota (MN) to go to U of MN, who just decided to ‘require’ vaccine 8/9/21, when COVID vaccine is FDA approved, which is to be very soon. We have to stop this madness and FIGHT as our lives depend on it!

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  1. Tim says:

    The fight is the election of 2020. Everything stems out from there. We MUST have forensic aduit in all 50 states. With a constitutionally ran government these tyrannical mandates, forced masks & vaccines would never be allowed. We must all stand together as Americans demand the true count to be seen. Only then will real change come. Everything else is a distraction. I’m not down playing the enormous danger these vaccine put us all in, as long those in the highest level of government are hell bent to deceive us we well never overcome this. So we must go back to our local governments and demand our local county and state officials do as we demand. Do this as your life depends on it. This is where we make the changes that can move mountains. We must correct the 2020 to continue to be a free Republic.

  2. Cynthia says:

    Well said and I wish more citizens and our wimpy Republicans who are supposed to be working for us would speak up continuously. If the election wasn’t stolen, why are they so afraid of an audit?! All companies and procedures are usually audited in the non government world… what is the problem unless they are guilty?!

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