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Every fiber of my being tells me not to participate in this experiment with my body.

AUG 4 2021
Anonymous (North Carolina, USA)

No “health authority” has proven to isolate the “Covid disease causing virus from a single human being, therefore, can not be transmitted from one person to another. The testing method for “the virus” is now being withdrawn, because, almost unbelievably, the “authorities admit it does not serve the purpose any longer. The experimental inoculations are killing and injuring so many people, it seems very obvious they are not meant to protect anyone from anything.

There is a coordinated effort to censor and silence anyone who asks the wrong questions. Doesn’t sound very scientific to me.

Every fiber of my being tells me not to participate in this experiment with my body. I and any other human being who is not complying with illegal mandates and coercion are being forced out of normal life.

Whatever is making people sick to start with is also not known from any individual so the medicines being used by ethical and knowledgeable doctors are obviously what is needed. The medicines clear up a wide variety of pathogens and send people on the road to recovery. The “vaccines” have done nothing but kill and injure.

I am fortunate not to have gotten sick for any reason. I don’t know what else the perpetrators of this have in mind, so I will continue to be proactive taking care of my health.

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  1. Jamiejoy says:

    Hello, community of fighters!

    My father took the Moderna vaccine and he has been in the ER 17 times with HBP and chest pains. A benign tumor was discovered accidentally in 2017, and after the shot, it grew and now it is an invasive carcinoma of the lung. Go figure!

  2. Still haven’t caught it. says:

    This is exactly how I feel. Add to it, remember when the Hippies used to say, “Don’t trust the government! Don’t conform!” Now there is this fanatical belief that the Only Truth comes from what YouTube or Twitter says is true. It does not pass the smell test. Not one teeny bit. We don’t trust them to run Health Care properly, but suddenly the gov’ment knows that this is the most dangerous thing ever? Gimme a break! Trump tried to resist going along with it, but the pressure was too high. He correctly put the VP in charge, but they still blame Trump for anything they can. The Left is the absolute worst group of people.

  3. DavidLittle says:

    My family will not participate in this experimental vaccine!

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