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Covid and Eye Inflammation

Inflammatory reactions affecting the eyes are occurring in three situations our physicians are seeing clinically in the setting of COVID illness and adverse reactions to the experimental COVID shots.

Redness, itching, soreness and irritation of the eyes are likely due to the same mechanisms of spike protein-induced inflammatory damage in all three situations:
1. With the COVID illness if treatment is delayed past about 7 days of symptoms and inflammation progresses.

2. After the experimental genetic COVID shots that trick the body into making uncontrolled billions of spike proteins that are widely distributed throughout the body and cause inflammation and microthromboses (blood clots in small vessels, that can progress to larger and more dangerous blood clots causing heart, lung, brain and GI tract damage). The spike protein effects are the same as we see in COVID illness itself.

3. In UNVACCINATED people in close contact (such as household family members) with those who HAVE been vaccinated and are thought to be shedding spike proteins (via skin pores, respirations, bodily secretions, stool). This is called “contagious vaccinosis” and is a known phenomenon. See my podcast on this with Dr. Hodkinson, archived on our website.

Some of the same anti-inflammatory, anti-viral treatments (such as HCQ) that we use for early COVID treatment are also helping resolve the symptoms in the vaccine-induced inflammatory syndromes.

Post by Dr. Vliet, practicing physician and President/CEO of Truth for Health Foundation.

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