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I really do hope that you can help me to try and save any pregnant mothers that we can from being coerced in(to) this

August 19, 2021

Hannah Damary-Thompson
Operations Director at Eden Lea Rail

I am desperately trying to reach out to all well-known influencers and truth speakers following a deeply disturbing and upsetting incident that I experienced this afternoon.  I am currently pregnant and today had my first antenatal appointment at Scunthorpe hospital; I was completely caught off guard when the nurse taking my blood pressure asked if I had been vaccinated, to which I responded “No”. I was then informed that it was in both mine and my unborn child’s best interest to be vaccinated against COVID. 

I immediately stated that I was not interested in having the vaccination and that my decision was final and that I would not be swayed from it. I might add that I was very polite about this but I did not want to give the impression that there was any flex with my decision and that that was the end of that particular topic. 

At that point a rather pushy doctor, who didn’t give me her name, appeared at the door in green coveralls and patronisingly asked if I wanted to talk about the vaccination. I explained that my decision was informed and that I was not interested in continuing the conversation and that I did not appreciate being harassed about a trial mRNA vaccination. 

She gave me a sympathetic looking smile as though I was an uneducated reprobate that knew no better and offered that they could vaccinate me a non mRNA vaccination. 

This exchange continued, in which I politely but assertively informed both the doctor and the nurse that I would not be pressured or coerced and that if it was a problem for the hospital to accept and respect my decision then I would have no option but to transfer to another hospital.  

I was given two awful leaflets (which I have attached) and left. I was then discussed in the hallway as though I was a mass murderer and village idiot.  I am strong minded and more than capable of standing my ground however even I was left completely shaken and bullied by the situation that had unfolded to the point that I was physically shaking with anger and upset.  Within minutes I could hear them repeat their spiel to another expectant mother who was also hesitant. Unfortunately she didn’t shut them down as firmly as I did and I had to listen to them coerce and lie to her. I genuinely wanted to burst in to her consultation room and rescue her.  I am absolutely appalled and devastated that this is happening to expectant mothers; that they are being guilted into believing that the way to be a good mother and to protect their unborn child is to accept a trial vaccine.  My heart just breaks to think how many are being tricked and persuaded in to having this gene therapy. I knew that things were going to become hard for the unvaccinated but I really did not expect this.  I am reaching out to you in the hope that there can be a warning to pregnant mothers to be ready for the NHS attack and ready to stand their ground.  I apologise as I am ranting a little in this email but I am just so upset. It would be wonderful to hear back from you and I really do hope that you can help me to try and save any pregnant mothers that we can from being coerced in this.

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