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I really do hope that you can help me to try and save any pregnant mothers that we can from being coerced in(to) this

August 19, 2021

Hannah Damary-Thompson
Operations Director at Eden Lea Rail

I am desperately trying to reach out to all well-known influencers and truth speakers following a deeply disturbing and upsetting incident that I experienced this afternoon.  I am currently pregnant and today had my first antenatal appointment at Scunthorpe hospital; I was completely caught off guard when the nurse taking my blood pressure asked if I had been vaccinated, to which I responded “No”. I was then informed that it was in both mine and my unborn child’s best interest to be vaccinated against COVID. 

I immediately stated that I was not interested in having the vaccination and that my decision was final and that I would not be swayed from it. I might add that I was very polite about this but I did not want to give the impression that there was any flex with my decision and that that was the end of that particular topic. 

At that point a rather pushy doctor, who didn’t give me her name, appeared at the door in green coveralls and patronisingly asked if I wanted to talk about the vaccination. I explained that my decision was informed and that I was not interested in continuing the conversation and that I did not appreciate being harassed about a trial mRNA vaccination. 

She gave me a sympathetic looking smile as though I was an uneducated reprobate that knew no better and offered that they could vaccinate me a non mRNA vaccination. 

This exchange continued, in which I politely but assertively informed both the doctor and the nurse that I would not be pressured or coerced and that if it was a problem for the hospital to accept and respect my decision then I would have no option but to transfer to another hospital.  

I was given two awful leaflets (which I have attached) and left. I was then discussed in the hallway as though I was a mass murderer and village idiot.  I am strong minded and more than capable of standing my ground however even I was left completely shaken and bullied by the situation that had unfolded to the point that I was physically shaking with anger and upset.  Within minutes I could hear them repeat their spiel to another expectant mother who was also hesitant. Unfortunately she didn’t shut them down as firmly as I did and I had to listen to them coerce and lie to her. I genuinely wanted to burst in to her consultation room and rescue her.  I am absolutely appalled and devastated that this is happening to expectant mothers; that they are being guilted into believing that the way to be a good mother and to protect their unborn child is to accept a trial vaccine.  My heart just breaks to think how many are being tricked and persuaded in to having this gene therapy. I knew that things were going to become hard for the unvaccinated but I really did not expect this.  I am reaching out to you in the hope that there can be a warning to pregnant mothers to be ready for the NHS attack and ready to stand their ground.  I apologise as I am ranting a little in this email but I am just so upset. It would be wonderful to hear back from you and I really do hope that you can help me to try and save any pregnant mothers that we can from being coerced in this.

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  1. Branko Baric says:

    Good on you Stacey!
    If I may draw people’s attention to another, in my mind huge issue, and that is vaccination of kids.
    As parents, we all need to be well informed of our rights and the rights of our kids.
    Need to teach our kids to stand up up for themselves and not succumb to peer pressure. Teach our kids that people who get vaccinated have a right to do that as much as we have to say no!

  2. Carolee says:

    I live in Oregon, and the other day, on a radio news station, they were discussing and advocating for vaccination when a physician came on stating that pregnant women should most definitely get vaccinated, as there is “zero” risk to the baby, at any stage of gestation! I about swallowed my tongue. I have never heard a bigger lie. This just seems unconscionable!

  3. Cheryl C says:

    So happy to hear from you that you stood your ground. We don’t give anything to pregnant women, we are told to stay away from tuna fish due to mercury, wine, smoking, and any medications unless absolutely approved by your doctor. Yet, we are giving gene therapy, untested and unknown to unborn babies. Please stand your ground. I had a friend who had a miscarriage a few days after the jab. It is heart wrenching to see this, but stay strong, we are behind you.

  4. Liz W says:

    I too am pregnant and at my last visit, my OB asked if I was vaccinated. I said no. She asked me how much I knew about the vax. I proceeded to tell her that I knew the following: no pregnant women or women of childbearing age were included in the VERY SHORT trials. That I knew of a woman who miscarried at 28 weeks days after shot and this is just not a typical window of time to miscarry. I also knew that per the CDC’s website at the time, no studies were provided. I think the website’s language said something to the extent that “studies were coming”. My OB became very COLD. She said there are studies and we have copies for you to read. Then she told me that she had two women intubated and it was “very bad right now”. When I asked her how would she treat me if I got Covid, she said that she would give vitamin D,C,Zinc. But not monoclonal antibodies because “most women don’t need these and they are not covered by insurance”. There was no discussion around how she would support any decision that I made, that she would treat me if I got Covid and do her freaking job. I left feeling completely on my own. She is employed by one of the two major health systems in my town l, and I am doubtful about finding another doctor that has not surrendered their God-given common sense and duty to their patients to “first do no harm”. It is sooo discouraging.

  5. Liz, you are to be commended for your courage and doing your homework! When you listen to the Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist I interviewed for my radio show on America Out Loud, and who also spoke in our Truth for Health Foundation Press Conference on COVID Vaccine Risks for Fertility and Pregnancy (click on link on our homepage under the banner) I think you will realize how very serious the risks are to both mother and baby with these experimental gene therapy products that cross the placental barrier (unlike traditional vaccines that do NOT), and risk harm to the developing baby’s brain and reproductive organs (ovaries for girls and testes for boys). We NEVER give experimental medicines, vaccines or other interventions to pregnant women, especially with NO pregnant women in the clinical trials as you correctly informed your OB doc who clearly is not up to speed on the excluded groups of patients in the clinical trials. In addition, I’d be willing to bet that this same OB doc that wanted you and your baby to get the experimental shot would be telling her pregnant patients not to have even a glass of wine! Look for an independent OB doc who still has common sense and is willing to actually read the medical information on risks of these shots.

  6. Additional comment: the Monoclonal AB infusions are available free provided by taxpayer funding. Insurance doesn’t enter into it at all. Last week, monoclonal AB infusions were just approved for a therapy for people with CLOSE CONTACT with COVID patients, not just those who tested positive (the earlier criteria).


    Dr. Lee, isn’t it understood that we are all in close contact with covid carriers if we conduct business thru out the day? thank you all for your input.

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