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Truth for Health Foundation Statement on the Baylor-Scott & White lawsuit against Dr. Peter A. McCullough, the Foundation’s Chief Medical Advisor:

Attempting to silence the Chief Medical Advisor of a public charity foundation by retaliatory and intimidating lawsuits for speaking to the public directly interferes with and threatens the core MISSION of OUR PUBLIC CHARITY which has a duty to serve the public good with truthful medical information.

As President of the Foundation, I have a fiduciary responsibility for proper stewardship of public funds donated to support our mission – if our medical and scientific advisors are threatened for presenting accurate information to the public, that is direct interference with the Foundation’s fiduciary responsibility to the public and we will not tolerate it.

Physicians also have an ethical and fiduciary responsibility to patients and patient education to act for the BENEFIT of the people seeking our medical guidance. When any health system, outside organization, or other agency attempts to silence the medical advisors and officers of a public charity, they are threatening the public good in a most egregious and dangerous way.

Baylor and others attempting to silence our medical experts with retaliatory lawsuits is a chilling and dangerous action against the public good, and a violation of our Constitutional rights of free speech and our medical duty to patients.

Medical censorship is the greatest danger to truth for health that I have experienced in my career. This is especially true when we have critical information on deaths and escalating medical risks of these experimental COVID shots to release to the public to help save lives.

Again, as President of this Foundation, WE WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS INTERFERENCE.

We absolutely will take all appropriate legal action to defend our officers and advisors who are volunteering their medical expertise to serve the public good.

People who wish to support our cause to fight medical censorship that costs lives may donate to our MEDICAL CENSORSHIP DEFENSE FUND, in honor of Dr. Peter McCullough, and all other physicians who have been silenced.

Join our Crusade of the Voiceless!


Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.D., President and CEO 8/1/2021

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