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“The Perilous Censoring of Dr. Peter McCullough”

Please see this well written piece on censorship.  There is prominent mention of Dr. Joel Kahn who was a mentor for me in fellowship, who as an innovator, has received unfounded criticism for taking on the group narrative.  As we make progress, strikes on C19 leaders have been staunchly defended, and for that we are grateful.”
Dr. Peter McCullough

Read it here.

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  1. Clark Denson says:

    Great article. I have been following Dr. Peter McCullough who is a real HERO! I am mad as hell at the governmental bureaucrats, the medical establishments and those not willing to stand up to evil. God bless Dr. McCullough, and let him know he has a strong following as if he falls so might America. We are living in a medical tyranny time which is surreal. It must be a heavy burden to carry, but we are here as citizenry to support him.

  2. Beth Asama says:

    Dr Mccullough thank you for your courage and commitment! The truth will eventually be known. Please know that you are helping many!

  3. Teresa says:

    Thank you Dr. McCullough for being a truly righteous hero and standing up for truth. May God’s blessings be upon you and his favor go before you every day! May He hold you up with his righteous right hand. May all those who rage against you be ashamed and disgraced, and may those who contend against your truth be reduced to nothing. Isaiah 41:10

  4. Anthia Morson says:

    How can I request a letter for my son to be exemption from the vaccine for religious reasons for college entrance?

    1. You son can write his own letter stating deeply help, long-standing, personal religious beliefs. Outside agencies (even Pastors) can’t really write about a PERSONAL INDIVIDUAL RELIGOUS CONVICTION for someone else. The person has to write it. Those statements HAVE been accepted for many students and employees being coerced into getting the experimental COVID shots.

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