EMERGENCY POWERS for Imminent Public Health Takeover

The World Health Organization is meeting July 21-22 to decide whether to declare Monkeypox and/or Marburg hemorrhagic Fever viral illnesses a “Public Health Emergency of International Concern.” This is the legal “buzzword” in WHO declarations that launches the International Health Regulatory Agreement signed in 2005 by over 190 countries to allow WHO to take world-wide control of the “public health” response.  THIS is the lockstep, draconian global control that led to all the COVID lockdowns, mandates, and loss of medical freedom around the world.

If WHO declares Monkey Pox to be a “public health emergency of International Concern,” we have a serious dictatorial move underway that people of the world need to understand and take steps NOW to stop. This PDF of the US 2022 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)  effectively moves public health response across the USA under the control if the Department of Defense (DOD). Use of Force was already authorized for the DOD to carry out mandatory COVID shots.

There is already a Monkeypox shot for mass vaccination authorized by the FDA in 2019. Recently the FDA stated some weeks ago that they are not going to require more clinical trials or component disclosure for these shots, which means alterations in the lipid nanoparticles can be made without the public knowing what is actually IN the shots they are being required to take. That raises the specter of further gene modification without our consent.

If they use the DoD  mandate already in place, the next step is make Monkeypox shots compulsory, and enforcement can be done by the US Military – if our service members follow such an order against American citizens. It appears that Monkeypox shots can now be used as the replacement “Trojan Horse” for the COVID shots people are refusing, with the military in charge of the public health response.    Even the World Bank and IMF are to be a part of any public health response, so that means access to financial institutions is also under this new coordinated control. In the US, the Powers  attempting one world control cannot risk the  November mid-term elections costing them their totalitarian lock on political, economic, medical and military power.  This document shows the means to that end.

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