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Stop the Shot – Pregnancy and Fertility Risks

Get the Pregnancy and Fertility Fact Sheet to learn about the unprecedented risks posed by the shot for young people and pregnant women with no significant offsetting benefit of protection for themselves or others.

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  1. Galactic Excellence Organization says:

    where is the 2012 study showing lipid nanoparticles concentrating in ovaries?

    1. The references are included in the VACCINE FACT SHEET on Fertility and Pregnancy posted on our website.

  2. Is the Johnson and Johnson vaccine included in this? J&J is a virus vector vaccine as opposed to an mRNA vaccine.

  3. Jaymee says:

    Thank you Dr. Lee Vliet 🙂
    God bless you.
    I am 12 weeks pregnant and have two young children and healthy hubby, what do you recommend is best early treatment? Do we all need something different? We are in San Diego and there are luckily the MARC (Monocolonal Antibody) treatment centers who will treat me, (if you recommend that) but what about the rest of my family? We are currently searching for a local doctor and also on wait lists for telemed, just want to be prepared.
    Thank you again!

  4. Laurene Hillebrand says:

    This is some of the best information I have seen yet about the possible risks that are involved… Thank you so much for all your hard work in putting this together… I am sharing with family members, people from church, and others who share these concerns…

    We are so grateful for everything that Truth For Health is doing… We also shared your parents forum within our extended church community… You are doing Gods work and we are praying for you every day

    1. Dear Laurene –

      Thank you for your encouraging message – our mission is to help inform people on emergent issues that matter to their physical and spiritual health – so we appreciate you sharing our work with others.

      Please do keep us in your prayers, as you are in ours.

      Yours in Christ –

      Steve Smith
      Truth for Health

      ps. And if you or any of your friends are able – we appreciate donations of any size. We are a volunteer organization and have a number of big projects in the works that we need to fund, so that we can keep proclaiming truth and bringing the misinformation out into the light!

      1. Laurene Hillebrand says:

        Hi, Steven!
        Yes, our family donated $200 a couple of weeks ago after watching Stop the Shot… You are doing marvelous work and we are happy to support you!

        I left a phone message but maybe this is an easier way to reach you… I wanted to share part two of Stop the Shot which deals with the infertility issues with some friends, but my link was no longer working on Rumble. Do you have the link for both parts one and two of Stop the Shot somewhere on your website? That is really valuable information for people to be able to hear for themselves. If you have either the direct link, or can show me how I can find it on your website, that would be terrific.

        Thank you so much!
        In the joy of the Lord,

        1. The links are on home page and they are working, so we suggest you clear the cache on your computer and reload our page to try it again! Thank you for your positive feedback, glad our programs are helping you!

  5. […] Stop the Shot – Pregnancy and Fertility Risks – Truth for Health Foundation […]

  6. Ryan Powers says:

    This information misrepresents basic science. For example, “3) generate spike proteins throughout cells in your body. How does this occur? No one knows”

    Any scientist can tell you that’s what the vaccine is supposed to do. mRNA in the vaccine codes for the spike protein. It enters the cells(not every cell, doubtful throughout the body) and using the normal cell machine process, produces the spike protein.

    Whoever is writing this is a fraud.

    1. Dear Mr. Powers –
      Thank you for exemplifying the errors of the mass vaccination propaganda. I know not whether by error or intent, but you misquoted our fact sheet. The actual statement is “How LONG does this occur? No one knows.” (emphasis added) If you agree that you misquoted us and that our fact sheet is accurate, I welcome your apology and retraction. If you still maintain our fact sheet is in error, I welcome you to provide authoritative documentation demonstrating the duration of spike protein generation in the human body we will be happy to review it.

      Yours in Christ –


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