Whistleblower Report – 06.13.24 -FAA Stonewalling: Refuses to Investigate Medical and Legal Violations

The FAA continues to stonewall investigation of serious Medical and legal violations of the Federal Aviation Act of 1958 that are risking the safety and lives of passengers and crew on commercial airlines, according to an American Airlines veteran pilot and whistleblower, Capt. Bahig Saliba. Pilots, flight crew, air traffic controllers and other aviation critical support personnel are on the job in spite of serious vaccine injuries that are going unreported, leading to the rising in flight medical emergencies, midair and runway collision near-misses, and mechanical failures. 

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Capt. Saliba has filed two Notices of Violation with the FAA, nd with both Notices, the FAA has sent letters refusing to investigate the violations Capt. Saliba has documented.  In today’s Whistleblower Report, Capt. Saliba and Dr. Vliet discuss the serious ramifications and risks to the public of these safety and medical violations, and what the public can do to help push for accountability and safety oversight. 

Pilots’ medical certificates and declaration of fitness to fly are enshrined in federal law as public policy.  The FAA allowed airline companies to invade public policy and create their own medical requirements for the COVID shots that violate Federal law.  In allowing these violations of federal law, the FAA has abdicated its legal duty to carry out regulatory oversight of commercial airlines. 

Everyone who gets on a commercial flight is clearly at risk of being injured or killed in an airline disaster when the airlines and FAA fail to uphold the medical and safety standards in place for decades to insure public safety. Share this program with your social media network, and your elected officials. 

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