Environmental Threats to Honeybees Affects OUR Survival

Biologists, Farmers, and Beekeepers around the world have been sounding the alarm about the massive decline in the honeybee population. Bees are dying a alarming rates, bee colonies are mysteriously collapsing, hives are being abandoned, farmers have to rent bee hives from local beekeepers to pollinate food crops. There are many environmental assaults that are contributing to killing bee colonies globally: toxic pesticides, increasing use of genetically-modified crops that affect bees, electromagnetic radiation, including 3G, 4G, and the massive expansion of more powerful 5G transmitter arrays. What people need to understand is that what happens to the bees affects ALL life on the planet, including human life. If bees die off, experts predict that within 18 months, ALL life on the planet dies. Honeybees are responsible for pollinating more than 85% of ALL food crops. Animals and humans depend on the food produced by the pollinating actions of honeybees.

In addition to Bee Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) caused by exposure to EMF radiation from the expansion of cell towers and other transmitters, there is an ominous new development called “molding” of honeycombs.  Experts think this occurs because bees cannot process the genetically modified proteins in GM crops in the fields. Without adequate food sources, the bees leave the hives, the honeycombs molds and the hives die out.

Today’s guest expert on the Whistleblower Report is Walter Schumacher, known as the “Bee-Czar,” is a beekeeper and “bee rescuer” from Texas.  He is the founder of the  American Honey Bee Protection Agency (ahbpa.org).  In late 2006, Walter created the Central Texas Bee Rescue and personally opened his own property to the bees of local citizens seeking eco-friendly solution to their unwanted honey bee infestation or swarm issues.

Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD)—caused by EMF radiation—had not been diagnosed by that time, so a lot of locals were baffled why Walter would don a bee suit in 110-degree Texas summer weather just to save some pesky wild bees. Yet, through working with wild bees, and beginning to understand the depth of their beauty, their intelligence, and their keystone role in our ecosystem, Walter developed an unbreakable bond with the honey bee. He even realized that the bee suits in the dead heat would kill him before bees did, so he eventually just stopped wearing one altogether! (Please note we do not advise that!),

Knowing the magnitude of the role that wild honey bees play in our eco-system, Walter was alarmed that traditional beekeepers continued to kill off unwanted infestations or swarms rather than to remove and relocate wild bees they did not want on their property. It was this line of thinking that led

Walter to the realization that the key to saving the wild bees, was to integrate bees, and beekeeping into urban environments.

This epiphany led Walter to do even more about the inevitable extinction of one of the world’s most important pollinators.  In 2012, he founded The American Honey Bee Protection Agency (AHBPA). That same year, AHBPA was instrumental, working alongside Texas lawmakers, in passing ORDINANCE NO. 20120322-019 to provide for the relocation of wild or abandoned bees that do not threaten human or animal health or interfere with the normal use or enjoyment of public or private property. Then in 2015, AHBPA worked diligently during the legislative session to help pass the statewide resolution making the western honey bee the state pollinator of Texas, an overdue honor, which AHBPA hopes will bring more awareness to the importance of bees in the state.

The American Honey Bee Protection Agency has continued the work of bee rescue and relocation, providing wild bees to residential and commercial clientele, pushing for ordinances and legislation that better protect the precious honey bee, and developing programs that integrate wild bees in urban contexts.

Green Tsunami Foods is Walter’s website for purchasing their limited reserve rescue honey. Honey takes on the flavor profile of whatever plants the bees were foraging on. Each of the honey jars from Green Tsunami Foods is packed full of flavor—mango honey, avocado honey, jungle flower, wildflower, Texas brush, guajillo, African, and more. As our host on the show today said, “You’ve never tasted honey like that from Green Tsunami Foods!”  Another added benefit is that Walter and his team make sure their honey is chemical free and all-natural. They maintain the integrity of their hives by assuring nearby farmers do not spray pesticides, so their bee colonies are never in danger.

Green Tsunami Foods produces only limited reserve honey, which means that the bees are not pushed by overfeeding high fructose corn syrup to produce more honey than they naturally do by their pollination activities.  The Schumacher operation does not blend the honey or mix it with “bulk honey” or extenders such as high fructose corn syrup as many commercial manufacturers do. Their honey is taken straight out of a beehive and into the jar. That’s why Green Tsunami Foods only produces small runs of each honey profile. Once each flavor profile of honey is gone, it’s gone. Their honey will have a slightly different flavor profile each time it is taken from the hive. But you can count on it being delicious every time.

As Walter said in closing: “We really like bees. That’s why we practice ‘bee approved’ beekeeping, then donate the profits from our honey to a powerful, no-kill bee rescue operation at the American Honey Bee Protection Agency. Our mission is to save people from unwanted swarms of bees, and to save bees from the destruction by human activities.” For more resources and information go to American Honey Bee Protection Agency – Texas Bee Removal & Rescue Non-Profit ahbpa.org 

The American Honey Bee Protection Agency is professional, engaging, passionate, and made up of kind humans clearly making a difference!!!! As Walter says, “Never call anyone else for any matters related to the bees. … This is a MUST to keep our Honey Bees safe. The importance of this Little Bee is SO very misunderstood! PROTECT THE HONEYBEE!! … Their honey leaves me speechless and surrendered, what can I say? I think it is helping me find enlightenment.”

If you need to remove some bees from a home or property, contact AHBPA.org on their website contact form or email info@ahbpa.org to assist you. If requesting a bee removal, be sure to fill out the form on the Rescue & Removal page. All other inquiries can be submitted using the form here: Contact – American Honey Bee Protection Agency  

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