Asymmetric Warfare: PsyOps, Propaganda and the Cognitive War to Control Your Mind

There is an organized Cognitive War to control what you believe about events of today. What is this Cognitive War? And how is our government under the Biden Administration ramping up and weaponizing asymmetric warfare tactics to control your mind, shape your beliefs, and get you to follow a government narrative based on deception. Our guest on the show today, Ed Haugland, speaks to these issues from his extensive experience as a retired US. Air Force Captain who then spent a very interesting career in the intelligence community, retiring as a Senior Executive.  Ed has decades of experience in how governments engage in asymmetric warfare, cognitive warfare, propaganda and “PsyOps” tactics.

This is critically important for you to understand in order to navigate the minefield of misinformation, fear-mongering, lies and deceptions that are shaping the “narratives” about the threats we face. Last week’s Whistleblower Report interviewed a military whistleblower about the Department of Defense having an actual printed document describing the psychological warfare campaign used against service members to lie to them and coerce them into taking the experimental COVID shots in spite of hesitation about risks, and in spite of their absolute right under federal law, UCMJ, and the US Constitution to refuse experimental injections. These same tactics are being used on the broader American public, as Ed Haugland explains.  For more background on the Cognitive War being waged on us, check out Ed Haugland’s book: The Cognitive War: Why We Are Losing & How We Can Win, available on Amazon

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