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Faith Over Fear – 9.13.23 – FIGHTING PROSTATE CANCER & HEART DISEASE: Our Challenging Journey to RecoveryFaith Over Fear

What do you do when you learn your husband – you thought was fit and healthy –suddenly is told he has stage4 Prostate Cancer, a dilated thoracic aortic aneurism, and while dealing with a lumbar disk protrusion causing severe sciatic pain sidelining him from training? How do you wrap your head around all of this at one time, when you had no idea you had two life threatening diagnoses?

Learn how one couple became very proactive in taking charge of this journey to beat the odds by combining standard medical care treatments with extensive dietary modifications, nutraceuticals, complementary therapies with standard of care medical treatments in an aggressive program that has led to remarkable success.

Join us for this inspiring journey of lessons learned, how they avoided the worst of the negative side effects of standard medical treatment, and the role of faith, love and determination.

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