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VACCINE REPORT: Mississippi, Georgia, & WHO: Lockstep Control of All Aspects of Your Life and Liberty

With breathless hype and deceptive marketing, Americans were treated to the version of medical-financial tyranny on our shores the same week that the World Health Organization (WHO) announced the rollout of WHO’s version of a vaccine passport, The Global Health Certificate. Right on cue, in the first week of June 2023, both Mississippi and Georgia announced the rollout of a “Mobile Digital ID” that purports to be “secure and safe and fast and convenient.” Look at the marketing hype urging people to get the App for Mississippi’s mobile ID: Don’t forget to download the new app for Mississippi “mobile ID.“ It will replace your driver’s license and passport and allow you to bypass the lines at the airport, and soon you will be able to have all your bank accounts and health records on your “mobile ID,” so it will allow your doctor to better care for you and your bank to provide better services, and of course, it will replace your credit cards so you can buy and sell all secure and safe and fast and convenient.”

But at what price to your individual buying decisions, autonomy, and privacy? This is a perfect example of everything our Truth Team at The Whistleblower Report has been warning about. We urge people NOT to sign up for this invasion of all aspects of your medical and financial privacy. When you sign up for this unified “Mobile ID” under the guise of “convenience, you are surrendering control of your own freedom to decide what to buy with your money and surrendering your privacy. Resisting this digital gulag is humanity’s stand for freedom and individual autonomy. We may not be able to stop the global elites’ world grip on central bank digital currency (CBDC) or the US “Federal” Reserve rolling out CBDC in the FedNow launching in June/July. We may not be able to stop them from making less cash available. But we can elect NOT to sign up for digital ID.

Mike Yeadon, Ph.D. immunologist and former Pfizer Chief Scientist worldwide for respiratory pharmacology and product development, speaks from a thirty-year career in pharmacological research and development, new product development, and as a Bio-tech entrepreneur. He has been a courageous Whistleblower since the fall of 2020, warning about the damage to pregnancy development as a result of the spike protein, similarity to a critical placental protein, and lipid nanoparticle damage to the ovaries and testicles. He is also Chief Scientific Advisor for Truth for Health Foundation and an expert witness on damage from the COVID gene therapy injections. His warnings two years ago are clearly being played out in the damage to people we are seeing now. He brings a global perspective to the vaccine injuries and overall agenda with the COVID shots.

Jonathan Gilthorpe Ph.D. is an Associate Professor in Cell and Molecular Biology who graduated with First Class Honors in Microbiology from the University Leeds, U.K. His career path has been decidedly tangential rather than vertical – driven largely by his interest in, well – almost anything and everything! Jonathan’s first research experience in Virology at Leeds University led him towards a postgraduate degree in gene regulation during embryonic development, graduating with a Ph.D. in Anatomy from the National Institute for Medical Research, Mill Hill/University College London, U.K. Based on a love and aptitude for research and an affinity for free thinking, Jonathan gravitated towards a long postdoctoral period at the MRC Centre for Developmental Neurobiology, Guy’s Hospital, King’s College London working on the development of brain regions in chicken and zebrafish and driving a Caterham 7. He has worked extensively with different types of viruses as research tools and has a deep understanding of molecular and cell biology. A chance meeting at a conference in Keystone, Colorado led Jonathan to a sabbatical period at Stanford University, U.S., where he developed his expertise in neurobiology/neuroscience and advanced microscopy. After returning to London in 2003 and moving to Sweden in 2008, driven largely by occupational allergies to animal models that he worked with, he shifted his research focus towards the molecular mechanisms of human neurodegenerative disease. He lives and works in Sweden, is only allergic to certain humans, and has been a member of the Swedish non-profit organization The Physicians Appeal (Läkaruppropet) since 2021.

His publications and other resources can be found on the website which is linked to his Rumble Channel.

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