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MILITARY REPORT: A Soldier’s Continued Damage From Unlawful COVID Mandates

PFC Derrick Wynne remains strong in the fight against DoD politics and bureaucracy to clear and correct his military record after the damage caused by the unlawful Covid-19 vaccine mandate. Under federal law, Congressional action to rescind the Covid-19 shot mandate should have resulted in correcting the military service record for every military service member damaged with punitive comments and less than Honorable Discharges. But the DoD has not complied. Most of our military are still experiencing retaliation, punishment, and suffering the continuing consequences of a General or Dishonorable discharge that prevent service members from accessing benefits meant for veterans, such as the GI Bill, medical care at the VA, and more. Being able to use these veterans’ benefits requires an Honorable Discharge,

PFC Derrick Wynne said, “I have spent the last 11 1/2 months desperately trying to get any of my elected representatives to bring light to the issues that continue to face soldiers who were kicked out for refusing the vaccine.  The general discharge we were given affects us in ways that are almost impossible to even quantify and even affects my ability to get employment in the civilian world. Most of us facing this are feeling crushed mentally and spiritually by this betrayal from our leaders.”

Even though this has been a crushing experience, Derrick shows the best of Army values and warrior ethos as he continues the battle—against a massive bureaucracy committed to a political agenda to hurt those who refused the COVID shot—and he is pressing his congressmen to assist in correcting his record. His personal courage and integrity are an inspiration to all of us.

America, the fight for bodily autonomy and our core Constitutional rights are not over.  We still face the enormous problem of DoD leadership lacking the desire to follow Federal law and the Constitution and correct the wrongs done to our service members who volunteered their lives and careers to serve our Nation.  We must help support them now in these ongoing battles against the enemies within.

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