Prayer Warrior Initiative

Prayers for the Next Generation

By Dr. John Ray

Ephesians 1:17-19                                                              Psalm 27:4

Jesus Abundant Provider:

Release Your promises in a new measure to the next generation

Bless them with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places

That they stand holy and blameless before God in Christ Jesus

That they are Your adopted sons and daughters

That they have redemption through Your blood

In Your wisdom and insight release the mystery of Your will

Write on their hearts the richness of their inheritance in Christ Jesus

That they are sealed with the promised Holy Spirit

That they are Your own possession

Chosen to be holy not sinful; happy not miserable; pure not impure; saved not lost

Jesus the Perfection of Beauty:

We are asking You to release a spirit of fascination

That the beauty of Jesus would fascinate them

Draw them into Your majestic Word

Release a spirit of grace; that they would drink from the river of Your pleasures

Release a spirit of dedication; that they would obey Your Word

Release a spirit of devotion; that they would fall in love with the beauty of Your heart

That Your Word would be a mirror to Your love

A mirror to Your emotions and affections

Give them hearts to love, celebrate and rejoice in the beauty, kindness and majesty of the King

Jesus Faithful Witness:

Call out the next generation because You are married to them

Call them out one from a city and two from a family as You promised

Raise up shepherds after Your own heart to give wisdom and understanding

Raise up a generation who will delight in the Lord

A generation who will worship in spirit and truth

A generation lost in the Love of God

A generation overflowing with gladness and gratitude

A generation that will be a praise to Your glory

So in Jesus name we pray:

Release Your promises in a new measure

          Release a spirit of fascination with the beauty of Christ

          Raise up a generation to be a praise to Your glory

          Let them drink from the river of Your pleasures

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