Truth for Health Foundation Whistleblower Report. Hideous Satanic Gov. of Maine wants to kill your baby before its born

FAITH REPORT: Maine Governor’s Full-Term Abortion Bill – Satan on Steroids

Maine Governor Janet Mill has aggressively pushed for full-term abortion at all costs, sacrificing the lives of future American citizens on the altar of Satan’s evil agenda to allow the murder of full-term babies.

Maine citizens and faithful Christians led the spiritual and political battle in a marathon citizen protest and testimonials presented on May 1-2, 2023. Major Mike Gary, Chair of Medicine and Ministry for Truth for Health Foundation, gives a moving first-hand account of the many hours of testimony to stop the Governor’s bill that not only makes full-term abortion legal (which in reality is murder) but also removes any criminal or civil penalties for anyone who performs them.

Those who stand for life in opposition to the bill point out the evil of the bill: “The bill eliminates any serious penalties for an unlicensed person who provides an abortion illegally, and eliminates criminal penalties for licensed providers that perform an abortion after viability, further undercutting the law and providing tacit approval of people performing abortions illegally.” This would move abortions to the back alleys again making them “unsafe and common” totally opposite of the “safe and rare” mantra!

Today’s Whistleblower Report/Faith Report is an awesome testimony of one family’s dedication to life.

The Gary family is a great example of many families that showed up in person to testify and help stop the Governor’s bill. A total of 675 (historical record in ME) people signed up to testify in person against LD 1619. Major Gary reveals specific details on the marathon testimonies given to the judiciary board. What was supposed to be a slam-dunk passage has turned into a stalemate for the supporters of this evil abortion bill. This is a win for those who stand for life in the short term, but continued pressure, citizen action, and vigilance are needed. Others can use these ideas and action steps to stand against evil in communities across America. We must stand for God’s truth and stop the demonic sacrifice of our nation’s future generations.

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