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Stupidocrisy: It didn’t make Bud wiser

You may remember the old joke: Question—Does drinking beer make you smart? Answer—Well, it made Bud wiser. Budweiser has become the butt of a not-so-funny joke and apparently the company is not any wiser for the experience. In arguably one of the worst promotional decisions in modern advertising, Bud Light featured Dylan Mulvaney, a man identifying as a woman, in a brief advertising campaign that essentially tanked the company. Now the CEO of Bud Light’s parent company is blaming the loss of about $8 billion in the company’s market cap on “misinformation.” Anheuser-Bush CEO Michel Doukeris just bought another round on the house as this failed ad campaign keeps chugging market cap.

On May 8, Doukeris told the Financial Times that “misinformation and confusion” circulated online of a Bud Light can with Mulvaney’s picture on it, and that it was “never intended to make it for general production and sale for the public.” Then he said that while people believed it was an ad campaign, “It was not: it was one post. It was not an advertisement.” Uh-huh. The Epoch Times reported, “However, in a video posted on TikTok in early April, Mulvaney could be seen drinking a Bud Light beer with the hashtag #budlightpartner, suggesting that there was in fact a partnership. The CEO also said that there were viral videos of billboards with images of the Bud Light can allegedly inserted “electronically” and “10 million people [were] watching it and commenting … that had nothing to do with Bud Light, it was just like pure social media creation.””

Sounds like Doukeris just stopped by the pub in the city of Denial and he’s about to be served a Miller Lite because his normal brew is past its expiration date. If this was just a concocted “social media creation” rather than an ad campaign, it’s kind of strange how the person responsible is now on leave. It seems like Bud Light ad exec Alissa Heinerscheid didn’t have much choice considering her video interview went viral in which she said in response to the non-ad campaign that she wanted Bud Light to distance itself from the “fratty” image it has cultivated to become more “inclusive.” Exit Heinershcheid. Enter the traditional Clydesdales to save the day in a new ad campaign. Nobody bought it, really. Sales continue to plummet. Here is the sad reality. Americans resent transgendersim being forced upon them, especially their children.

According to a Washington Post poll, about 70% of Americans support laws prohibiting discrimination of transgenders, but the same percentage opposes allowing children access to puberty blockers, and 65% oppose transgendered male to female participating in sports with women and girls. The National Library of Medicine documents that “that 82% of transgender individuals have considered killing themselves and 40% have attempted suicide, with suicidality highest among transgender youth.” The majority of Americans reject trangendersim because they know deep down it is neither good for their children nor for those who are confused by the agenda, nor for society. Fess up, Budweiser. Ignoring the reality is, say it with me…Stupidocrisy.


Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson

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