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Government Transgender Experiments on minors

Like a page out of Nazi Germany, the National Institutes of Health is funding experiments on the psychological effects of cross-sex hormones on transgender and nonbinary youth, 76% of them under the age of 18. The studies have prompted an inquiry from 15 Congressmen and Senators who are “deeply concerned about your agency’s use of taxpayer dollars to advance experiments on children who will be irreversibly harmed by radical gender ideology.” The Republicans signing the letter wrote: Notably, the four clinics and some of the researchers who conducted this experiment are outspoken advocates for conducting gender transition interventions on children.” But that’s not remotely the worst of it.

The letter states: “During this study, two young people died by suicide and eleven reported suicidal ideation. Rather than shutting the study down after such serious adverse events, the researchers published their paper, concluding that the study was a success because cross-sex hormones had altered subjects’ physical appearance and improved psychosocial functioning. However, the researchers admitted that they were not able to properly establish causality between the administration of cross-sex hormones and improved psychosocial functioning because their study lacked a control group.
Despite glaring shortfalls, this government-funded research is already being used to further the fallacy that chemically transitioning children is safe and effective.” This sounds similar to the narrative used for the experimental COVID vaccine.

The letter continued: It is alarming that vulnerable young people died by suicide while participating in a taxpayer-funded study that will almost certainly inflict devastating physical harm on those who participated. Twenty-four participants in this study received cross-sex hormones after puberty suppression or “in early puberty” and are likely sterile as a result. Further, participants are now at increased risk for cardiovascular disease, blood clotting, and a host of other complications… Despite overwhelming evidence that chemically transitioning children is not safe, the NIH plans to give more than $10.6 million to experiment on children and adolescents through 2026.”

The National Institutes of Health is developing a track record for using taxpayer money to nefarious and unethical experiments. NIH recement renewed a grant to allow Ecohealth, suspected of weaponizing the COVID virus, to continue its experiments with the communist Chinese in Wuhan. Now this experimentation on children resulting in two deaths and 11 wanting to take their lives. As in Ezekiel 8:9, Congress, the Department of Justice, and anyone with criminal enforcement responsibilities should dig into the NIH and “Go in, and behold the wicked abominations that they do here.” These people cannot be allowed to justify their evil work in the name of science. Science, too, has its ethics. Conducting experiments that lead to suicide in children or weaponizing deadly viruses are not science. It is the advancement of evil.


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Bill Wilson

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