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Time to put up

Warning up front: This might be a very difficult Jot to read. For years, conservative Christians have been wringing their hands over the past election results and the resulting heavy handedness of a Marxist-inspired government leadership. We have endured name calling, hate speech, curbing and censorship of our religious rights and guarantee of freedom to speak, and coercion to take an experimental shot at the threat of losing our jobs. At the same time, we have not only witnessed, but experienced, the government sanction of mutilation and sexual predation of our children by teachers, school boards, and sexual deviants partnered with them. Standing up to them, the government says we are terrorists.

This country is experiencing a leftist-engineered breakdown. It was accelerated by the unprecedented heavy-handed lockdown and quarantine of healthy people. The government, under the present leftist leadership, did everything but force citizens to take an experimental concoction that neither prevented a disease, the spread of it, or was effective to stop the disease. The government forced deadly protocols onto the sick and banned effective and proven life-saving treatments. The government, combined with media and big business, censored with impunity any and all dissenting voices. Hundreds of thousands died—your and my loved ones, friends and colleagues.

In Joe Biden’s first week his leftist government set in motion the very elements that have caused our economy to collapse. The stop work order on the Keystone pipeline, halting oil and gas drilling on federal lands, and reentering the Paris Climate accords may have put over 7.5 million Americans out of work. Plus, his actions raised fuel costs, which ignited historic inflation. The open border has caused crime and national security issues. The draining of our national petroleum reserves puts us in a dire fuel and national security situation as winter approaches. The disastrous retreat from Afghanistan sent ripples through American foreign policy. Yet he says the border is closed and there is no inflation. In most things, he and his minions claim the opposite of reality with big business and media supporting this propaganda.

All in all, we are all in danger because of this type of leadership. Yet this type of leadership is the culmination of years of inaction, like frogs in a pan of water coming to a boil. As God-fearing Americans, we have been “putting up” for far too long. We’ve been putting up with extra-biblical preaching and doctrine. We have been putting up with anti-God, Marxist leadership. We have been putting up with the very things that are destroying us. We are quick to say “God is in control” yet we don’t take control over what we can control. Well, God has given us free will. Our constitution has provided a vote. We need to take these seriously. As in 1 John 3:18, “in deed and truth.” Time to put up. Let us pray AND act in all these things.

Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson

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