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Biden’s Purge and Punishment of Military is Weakening US Military Readiness

America is experiencing a national defense crisis and massive failure in leadership across all branches of the Armed Forces directly related to the purging of experienced, trained service members of faith and allegiance to the US Constitution, and failure to recruit and retain troops due to the mandated COVID shots. The loss of experienced military service members is a dire threat to military readiness.

The Department of Defense has staunchly refused to reinstate service members illegally purged from military service for refusing the unlicensed EUA COVID shots. DoD has further refused to reverse the earlier punitive actions taken against troops despite the NDAA 2023 mandate to repeal the COVID vaccine requirement.

Former USAF Staff Sgt Lydia Dominguez shares a heartbreaking story of punitive actions by the military against those of faith. Lydia served ten years in the Air Force as a Technical Sergeant Personnel Specialist directly supporting the RQ-9 mission, KC-135 mission, MQ-9 mission, Operations ENDURING FREEDOM, INHERENT RESOLVE, FREEDOM SENTINEL, and other military operations.    

Following the Secretary of Defense’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate, Lydia sought to have her orders curtailed and requested a voluntary discharge (separation). Her command denied her request claiming she was in a critically-staffed field, and required her to continue serving in the military. As soon as her religious exemption was denied, however, command immediately issued a formal reprimand and summarily involuntarily terminated her from the military – contradicting command’s claim her work was in a critical staffing role, and further evidence of retaliatory punitive actions.

To her credit, while Lydia was waiting for her religious accommodation request to be reviewed, she helped over one hundred service members create religious accommodation requests. Every single one of them was denied their religious exemptions – clear violations of UCMJ military law and Americans’ rights under the US Constitution.

America’s military is suffering devastating damage from not being taught about the contract with our Nation they swear an oath to support and defend. The United States Constitution is not taught to our service members, but military service members are now required to undergo mandatory classes in extremism, diversity, equity, and inclusion on a quarterly basis. The military has become a “woke” social experiment rather than training soldiers in the foundational moral and military principles they are supposed to serve.

The hosts of today’s show are Maj. David Beckerman and Lt. Col. Brandi King have a combined total of 35+ years of military service.

Additional Resources:

Military Law Attorney Davis Younts, Esq. explains the failure of the NDAA directive to restore military service members who were punitively discharged from the military for refusing the unlicensed EUA COVID shot.

Military Law Attorney Davis Younts, Esq., USAF Lt. Col. Brandi King, and retired Coast Guard service member David Kroll discuss the punitive actions by US Military for service members who applied for medical and religious exemptions for the COIVD shots.

Interview with Lt. Col. King, USAF punished for her religious faith and removed from active duty in the Air Force with 19 and ½ years of honorable service and only six months from being able to retire honorably with full benefits.

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