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Whistleblower Report – 2.2.2023

Russian President Vladimir Putin just took a stunning step to protect the Russian people from the global predators’ drive for control and power. Putin’s moves will likely send shock waves around the world, and could lead to devastating damage to the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency, causing severe additional economic downturn in America.

Can this major step by Putin help stop the WEF/CCP plans for “digital currency” and tighten the vise of global control of people everywhere? How does this news connect with the news of Pfizer’s dangerous “directed evolution” to manipulate viruses into more deadly forms, developing weapons against the public in order to create more profits? How does this serve the goal of one world government?

Medical tyranny continues. Tyranny in the military continues. Our food supplies are being sabotaged and destroyed. Fuel prices are skyrocketing. Inflation is out of control. There is an assault on our way of life on all fronts. What do we need do to protect ourselves from these seemingly unrelated events?

Who is really calling the shots? Who are the perpetrators of this entire global tyranny? Who are these billionaire elites that are above government, are even controlling governments, and controlling people’s lives and access to resources around the world? They are the un-elected bureaucrats, unelected global capitalist predators seeking to achieve three goals of Agenda 2021/Agenda 2030: elimination of private property, open borders, and depopulation.

The collapse of our US borders is orchestrated by the World Economic Forum, the US Department of Homeland security, WHO, and the UN to fit the bigger goals of world predators seeking to destroy America as a Constitutional Republic and independent nation.

Who are those in the shadows directing these human and economic disasters? What is the significance of Putin’s steps to protect Russians? What are the consequences for us in America? Our international attorney, Todd Callender, discusses these disparate pieces of the puzzle from his global perspective and business law experience to help you connect the pieces of the puzzle and take steps to protect you and your family.

According to Attorney Callender:

We must think beyond our own borders because the master planners know no such thing; they own all or nearly all governments and everything in between. The Owners thought they owned Russia and Putin and then found out Vlad tricked them, and that’s why you’re seeing the freak-out against him/Russia. I suspect Xi may have colluded with Trump and Putin to double-cross the Owners, who seem to be missing. Nothing they’re planning is working out according to their playbook – including the mortality rates for Covid. People are starting to get it. As they do, we need to re-invigorate our Nation under God and rule of law as intended/designed by our Founders. If we devolve into chaos, the Owners will have won because their plan requires it – Ordo Ab Chao  (Order from Chaos). We must get our government whistleblowers and good people in uniform (law and military) to stand as Americans and not continue to take orders from those seeking to destroy America.”

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