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Faith Over Fear – 8.4.2022

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Our August series of topics will focus on The NOAH Example: The Biblical Basis of Preparation, NOT Panic. 

This week’s Speaker:

Nicole Landers, RN, BSN, CCM, Legal Nurse Consultant

Topic: NOAH: The Original Prepper

Nicole Landers, the Foundation’s Director of the COVID Care Strategy team, will discuss the life of Noah, his dedication to following God’s commandments and what he faced in the flood of evil in his day that is so very parallel to what we face today.  We will explore how Noah’s life teaches us how we need to respond to today’s world with preparation, not panic, and move into our preparedness with faith and persistence even when we encounter opposition.

Upcoming August Programs:

August 11: The Noah Example – Planning Your Survival Kit for Chaos Ahead (COVID, 5G, Food Shortages, and more). Dr. Vliet, nurse Nicole Landers and exercise physiologist Kathy Kresnik will discuss specific strategies for changing our lifestyles to improve resilience. We will discuss food to consider for long term supplies, meal preparation, long-term food/water resources and storage techniques such as water-glassing eggs, etc. The focus of this program is to help you prepare to become more self-sufficient in the event of shortages.

August 18: The Noah Example for Your Family – Homesteading Techniques for Self Sufficiency with Navy CDR Rob Green (co-host with Dr. Vliet), Rob and Jessica Barr from Barr Family Ranch, AZ small family ranchers (who provide food for a family of 10 as they raise vegetables, cows, pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, pheasant and turkeys on a 3-acre family ranch).  They also share their story of COVID survival at home with early treatment, and the tragic loss of a parent denied proper COVID treatment in a local Tucson hospital.

August 25: Biblical Prophecy Connections with Today’s Events. Our guest speakers are two American pastors who are not only Biblical scholars but also politically astute observers of world events and are both involved in presenting radio and other media programs on world events as well as their ministry outreach.  More on their backgrounds and the details of this program to come!

In case you missed it:

WND Exclusive: WHO’s monkeypox ’emergency’ gives it dictatorial powers. Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.D., shares science showing a small percentage of us actually at risk

WHO’s Health Dictatorship Disguised as Monkeypox Public Health Emergency. Dr. Vliet’s July 23 radio show discusses the broad ramifications of the WHO declaration of the “Public Health Emergency of International Concern” (PHEIC) Listen here:

MONKEY POX In Perspective: Dr. Vliet’s radio show to put Monkey Pox and your risk in proper perspective, listen here:

Covid Vax: The Culprit in Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. Dr. Vliet’s radio show discusses the alarming rise in sudden deaths of young, healthy people following the COVID shots, and review the court-ordered release of 55,000 pages of Pfizer data that shows they knew these deaths and critical organ damages were occurring with the experimental gene therapy shots. The prideful arrogance and failure to warn the public by the medical profession, Big Pharma, FDA, CDC, NIH, Fauci, and other public health officials are leading to what Dr. Naomi Wolfe and others have called “a genocide.”

COVID VACCINE-INDUCED BRAIN INJURY with Dr. Vliet and Todd Callender:

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