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January 10, 2023: Dr. Richard Fleming: What’s Really IN The COVID Shots?…and What is NOT

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Our Speaker: Richard M Fleming, Ph.D., MD, JD; Physicist-NuclearCardiologist-Attorney. Dr. Fleming will reveal his shocking independent analysis of the actual damage to blood and healthy red blood cells from Pfizer’s COVID shots. Dr. Fleming’s current studies on the COVID shots and the types of damage have documented rapid blood clotting after the COVID shots, amyloid infiltration of the heart leading to congestive heart failure, particulate contaminants in the vials of COVID shots that should not be there, as well as sodium chloride crystals, and high concentrations of lipid nanoparticles in the blood that cause inflammatory damage to organs throughout the body. What his studies have NOT found in the COVID shots is graphene oxide, “hydras,” “parasites,” or “micro-circuitry.” Dr. Fleming also discusses that prion damage from the COVID shots has led to skyrocketing acceleration of brain damage and memory loss, often just called “Alzheimer’s.” The CDC has already confirmed 84,000 excess cases of Alzheimer’s deaths in the year and a half since the COVID shots were rolled out. However, doctors still fail to report this connection and continue to push more COVID “boosters” on unsuspecting elderly. This will be a critically important update for everyone who wants to understand the mechanisms of actual damage of these experimental COVID shots. Dr. Fleming has been presenting evidence of the inflamed-thrombotic response and cardiovascular damage since 1994 and is one of the leading medical authorities on how COVID illness, and the COVID shots, intensify the damage from the inflamm0-thrombotic response that can lead to death. For more information on these topics, visit Dr. Fleming’s websites and listen to this additional program:
To The State Attorney Generals & Governors. Honor Your Oaths!
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Celebrating Epiphany: January 6-8, 2023. Message from Dr Vliet and Nurse Nicole Landers:

Communism and COVID: The Same Coin of Tyranny
Dr. Vliet describes her personal experience in the Soviet Union in 1974 under Communism and the parallels with COVID tyranny in America and the world since 2020. Communism control and COVID control are, in effect, two sides of the same coin of tyranny. As a young American woman from a small-town American, this experience with tyrannical oppression and control in a Communist country was a shocking and chilling experience, totally alien to her life experience growing up in America. She describes the memories of palpable oppression, fear on the faces of people, and total lack of any freedom to decide any aspect of life that she witnessed had shaped a lifetime of commitment to defending liberty and life as gifts of our Creators. The last three years of COVID pandemic tyranny with illegal mandates for EUA masks, testing, the closing of businesses, government-controlled narratives, media censorship of alternate views and truthful information, closing of churches, trampling of patient rights in hospitals, government incentive payments for the hospital “death protocols” killing over 300,000 Americans, the forced/coerced vaccination of the public and firing people for failing to take an experimental COVID shot — all are the same control tactics with the weaponization of government replacing GOD used to oppress people in the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe under the Soviets, Communist China, and every other totalitarian government in the history of man.

DOD [Department of Defense] Controlled Covid ‘Vaccines’ From The Start Under National Security Program – Lied The Entire Time – Were Never ‘Safe And Effective’

According to documents newly obtained by a Pharma insider, Sasha Latypova, and legal researcher Katherine Watt, the Department of Defense controlled the COVID-19 Program from the start using a combination of the PREP Act, Emergency Use Authorization regulations, and Other Transactions Authority (OTA) that shielded from liability Big Pharma, Federal Agencies (CDC, NIH, FDA) and Medical caregivers and hospitals that delivered unregulated vaccines to an unsuspecting public. Read more on this story at the above link.

In case you missed it:
Dr. Vliet’s New Year Message to All: Looking to the New Year with New Hope focuses on the New Year ahead with new hope and optimism for the potential to take back our freedom, our lives, and our Country as one Nation under God. If you choose to change your outlook on what role you play in how you view each day, the positive outcomes will multiply. Storms, turbulence, adversities, fears, and worries hit all of us. It is our response to those events that determines the way events impact us for the worse, or for the better. Feeling helpless in the face of adversity actually sabotages your physical, emotional, and spiritual health and undermines your relationships. Today as encouragement for the New Year, Dr. Vliet explores the ways YOU can choose to change your outlook and responses to the problems you face as we look forward to new beginnings in a new year.

The Christmas Promise: He Gave His Most Precious Gift
Our Christmas Message from Dr. Vliet and Nicole Landers, RN
Our Are you feeling drained…physically, spiritually, psychologically? Are you feeling financially stressed, lacking in provisions you need? re you thinking “It doesn’t feel like Christmas”? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the myth that everyone else is having a picture-perfect Christmas? The truth is there are many thousands of people out there whose lives have been forever altered by death of a loved one, divorce, sickness, frail health, and financial problems. If you are having a tough Christmas, don’t beat yourself up with the “shoulds” and “oughts” about how you are supposed to feel. The combination of worldly stress, a flawed and failing body, and the “worries” attacking our mind combine to suck the spiritual vitality right out of us…IF we let them. You try to pray, but no words come. You try to read the Bible and can’t concentrate. You are going through the spiritual motions, nodding and saying “Amen.” Yet, in your soul you’re running on empty. Be compassionate with yourself, as God is compassionate with us. The word compassion means to “suffer with.” Compassion for those who are struggling is the gift that leads to miracles of healing. Dr. Vliet and Nurse Nicole Landers share their personal stories of loss and finding hope again, and also share their insights and experiences for what helps us cope and find our spiritual energy and “spark” again in the face of devastating loss and uncertainty about the future. The Christmas Promise is that God sent forth His son to redeem us all. He gave everything He had. He gave us His most precious gift. God is compassionate. He provides when we are the most overwhelmed and discouraged and turn to Him in prayer and faith, and then act in His will for our lives.
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Our entire Truth for Health Foundation team sincerely thanks all of our donors and participants for your dedicated support of our work these past two years of intense efforts to defend medical freedom, provide practical action steps and educational resources as we work to preserve and our Constitutional Republic as one Nation under God. Thank you for choosing us as your resources for truthful, balanced information. We hope that 2023 will bring more of God’s light into the dark days we have faced these last three years, and we wish for each of you to find more opportunities to embrace living fully in all aspects of your life. May you grow in faith, strength, wisdom, health and resilience in the year ahead!
Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.D. President and CEO

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