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Monoclonal Antibody Infusion Resources for COVID Treatment

From our Chief Medical Advisor, Dr. Peter A. McCullough to our physician team on August 4, 2021, providing links to monoclonal antibody treatment centers.


Please see these resources to share on the use of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies for COVID-19.  Very valuable as the vaccines fail and seniors contract COVID-19.

How to Find COVID-19 Monoclonal Antibody Treatment Centers

HHS Website with a nice cartoon animation how to find:

Find a center in TEXAS:

HHS Link to find Therapeutic Distribution Locations

From Dr. Robin Armstrong, physician in Texas who was a pioneer in treating early for nursing home patients at the beginning of the pandemic and successfully saving lives: 

“We have been infusing monoclonal antibodies in our nursing homes in addition to the infusion centers here in south Texas.  I have sent many to the infusion centers and we have given the Regeneron combo monoclonal to many in nursing homes – it works great! Check with the nursing home’s pharmacy and they should be able to get it – don’t take no for an answer – it doesn’t take much work for them to get it.  Nursing homes are outpatient so they meet the EUA requirements.”

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  1. I have taken the first Pfizer shot.

    I am not going to take the second one.
    I made a big mistake by taking the first one.

    Help !!!

    I live in South Africa

  2. Christine Hein-Moosbrugger says:

    I had and still have long covid. Covid started last November 2020 and i still have bad heart problems and still headaces. I am from Austria an live in Germany.
    English is not my mother tongue… so it is hard for me to follow everything. Can you kindly tell me, what treatment i can take for my heartproblem and long-Covid? i am allready in the 8th month and i am 49 years old. Are there any treatment Centers in Germany? Doctors can not help me and i do not get help….

  3. Gail says:

    Where can I get Ivermectin tablets for humans to have on hand in case I catch the virus?

    1. Ivermectin has been a US FDA-approved medication (pills and topical forms) approved to treat several conditions (parasites, lice, scabies). It is available at all commercial pharmacies, although major chains such as CVS, Walgreens, Rite-Aid have suddenly made it a corporate policy to direct their pharmacists to PREVENT practicing physicians from appropriately prescribing for patients under their care in a continuing attempt by BIG MEDICINE and BIG PHARMA to suppress early effective treatment for COVID-19. In effect, pharmacists actions make pharmacists practicing medicine (without a medical license) when they overrule the physician who has actually seen and evaluated the patient. Lawsuits against major pharmacies are pending due to their interference with the legal practice of medicine. Independent pharmacies are a better source, and many states allow doctors to prescribe AND dispense FDA-approved medicines from their medical office.

  4. mickey says:

    Can my parents continue HCQ after regeneron?

    1. We cannot provide individual medical advice unless someone is an established patient of our physicians who does an individual risk evaluation. But the data shows that there is no reason not to continue HCQ after Regeneron if there are medical reasons to use it.

  5. Connie lezch says:

    Hi, my son in law is a long haul covid patient and then got the Moderna shot! He is still having issues with his energy, would vitamin D, zink, vitamin C, quercetin and NAC befit him? Thank you

    1. See the presentation by Dr. Harpal Mangat on our website under TREATMENT TAB/COVID Long Haul Syndrome. He discusses all of the integrated treatment for this syndrome.

  6. John Davis says:

    My PCP in Vermont won’t write for Regeneron because I’m not COVID + but am elderly. Can you assist me in finding a provider? Thank you.

  7. Maria Steele says:

    My 65 yo brother is hospitalized with COVID. He was sick for over a week with 1 negative rapid COVID test followed by a visit 1 week later to his PCP that never even tested him for COVID and gave him referrals for GI consult and sleep studies and 1 month follow up. He is fighting for his life now. They will not give him the monoclonal infusion because they said it is too late (although he only received a positive COVID result 2 days ago). The first doctor never sent his test for PCR testing. He is in a regular room fortunately, but they keep increasing his oxygen level to maintain his saturations. We are scared and are hands are tied because we can’t talk to anyone. Is there anything else we can do to help him through this? We have been praying unceasingly.

  8. Taylor says:

    My husband is in the hospital with Covid. He is 25 years old and has asthma, he’s been there since Oct. 8th. He doesn’t have any blood clots, they have him taking Baricitinib. He’s not improving has quickly as I’d like. He’s having to be on 10L of oxygen (give or take a few L). It seems like he takes steps forward and then takes steps back. What should we do?

  9. Larry says:

    Dr. Sherry Tenpenny has stated that based on studies, monoclonal antibodies could lead to MS, Hashimotos, damage to the lungs, autoimmune diseases, etc. I have heard Dr. McCullough recommend them with not cautions. What are your thoughts? Thanks.

    1. Dr. McCullough, Dr. Mangat (our Foundation Medical Advisor and expert on Monoclonal AB, who has treated hundreds of patients with MCAb and I have NOT seen those complications with use of monoclonal antibody treatments. In fact, these treatments have generally been well-tolerated, and very effective for people with early COVID symptoms who may not have access to the other medications on our effective early treatment algorithm.

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