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Monoclonal Antibody Infusion Resources for COVID Treatment

From our Chief Medical Advisor, Dr. Peter A. McCullough to our physician team on August 4, 2021, providing links to monoclonal antibody treatment centers.


Please see these resources to share on the use of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies for COVID-19.  Very valuable as the vaccines fail and seniors contract COVID-19.

How to Find COVID-19 Monoclonal Antibody Treatment Centers

HHS Website with a nice cartoon animation how to find:

Find a center in TEXAS:

HHS Link to find Therapeutic Distribution Locations

From Dr. Robin Armstrong, physician in Texas who was a pioneer in treating early for nursing home patients at the beginning of the pandemic and successfully saving lives: 

“We have been infusing monoclonal antibodies in our nursing homes in addition to the infusion centers here in south Texas.  I have sent many to the infusion centers and we have given the Regeneron combo monoclonal to many in nursing homes – it works great! Check with the nursing home’s pharmacy and they should be able to get it – don’t take no for an answer – it doesn’t take much work for them to get it.  Nursing homes are outpatient so they meet the EUA requirements.”

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