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Biden’s Border Invasion: The Accelerated Collapse of America

The Border Report exposes shocking details on the dire threat to America from within the Biden Administration’s “Open Borders” policies directed by international Puppet Masters, beginning with the UN, and WEF, and including Transnational Drug Cartels that control both the Mexico and USA sides of our southern border between the official Ports of Entry.

Whistleblower and Border Patrol Agent, “Samuel Adams” who is also a combat veteran who served 22 years in the US Military, issues an alarming update saying unequivocally, “In effect, under Biden, there is NO border. We don’t screen at all for criminal backgrounds, diseases, intent to cause harm, drug use, or proper documents…not one immigration criteria is checked. We have no idea who the majority of these people are or their intentions when they come to America. Biden is eradicating the definition of Citizenship and our sovereignty (Individual, State and National). We have delegated 42 USC 265, known as Title 42, authority to Mexico. Our own Border Patrol agents are no longer the ones determining who is allowed to return under this program –that authority is now ceded to the Government of Mexico.

Imagine that. Mexican officials decide who is allowed into America under “Title 42.” Clearly, this is a betrayal of the US Constitution that states: “[t]he United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against invasion…”  [See Article IV, Section 4].

The solution to ‘record high border crossings’ isn’t endlessly continuing Title 42; it’s for the Border Patrol Agents to be allowed to enforce the illegal entry statute, 8 U.S.C. § 1325(a), and for illegal border crossers to be expeditiously removed per 8 U.S.C. § 1225(b)(1)(A)(iii)(II).

Beneath Biden scriptwriters, deceptive use of the terms humanitarianpublic safety, and public health crisis lies the same radical ideology that comes from the likes of Nancy Pelosi, the Open Borders NGOs, the UN, and WEF – all of which offer these open borders network an unprecedented degree of political control that threatens to extinguish our Sovereignty and our constitutional republic entirely.

More examples of lies and propaganda from the Biden Administration to the American people are perpetuated by the puppet press:

> The border “situation” is a humanitarian crisis. FACT: the humanitarian crisis is happening to hard-working Americans whose social systems, communities, medical resources, and economy are being deliberately collapsed with an agenda to destroy our Constitutional Republic and replace it with totalitarianism governed by the Global “elites” and cartel predators.

> Those coming across our border illegally are “just seeking Asylum.” FACT: only 11-12 percent of those apprehended claim asylum.

> The illegal border crossers are just refugees, families, and unaccompanied children.” FACT: the largest percentage of border crossers are military-age males, and the children are primarily “property” of the drug cartels who are trafficked as sex slaves and slave labor.

The continual use of words like Humanitarian Crisis, migration, Migrants, Asylum seekers, refugees, UACs, families, etc., is a form of perception management. They are ‘transferring an image,’ that is, imposing on us an erroneous or incomplete image of what is happening around the border in order to guide our decision-making.

From the US Marine training manual MCDP 1-3: “How we view the combat environment in large part determines how we operate in it.”

If we do not define the border reality correctly, we cannot hope to fix the problems that threaten our survival as a Sovereign Nation.

The radical Left has blurred the lines between illegal and legal immigration and citizen and non-citizen, including changing the name of those who come to the U.S. illegally. And since our definition of a “secure” Border is defined by a decrease in our number of border crossers (immigration), the left’s propaganda wants us to think that “securing” our border is separating families, denying global victims their God-given entitlements and rights; that it’s a war on culture; it’s racially dividing the nation; it’s destroying global trade. It’s declaring that if you are for border security or declare an invasion, then you are a xenophobic White Nationalist, far-right extremist, or a domestic terrorist.

All of these distorted descriptions are lies and propaganda in a massive information warfare (IO) campaign to change our perceptions and beliefs that the border is simply a humanitarian issue, “only” about the poor and oppressed “trying to find work” and security…. and that “migration” is a “human right.”

America, we are being invaded…WAKE UP to the dangers we face!

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