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Medical Freedom for Our Military – DoD Lawsuit Explained

Originally Aired on America Out Loud

DrLee4America, host of Truth for Health…The Rest of the Story, and guest attorney Todd Callender, the international attorney, and attorney of record on the August 2021 DoD lawsuit, discuss the legal issues before the federal court in the latest Appellants Brief. A copy of the Brief is posted on the website, www.TruthForHealth.org, for all who would like to read the extraordinary violations of medical, legal, and ethical principles carried out by the Department of Defense against our service members.

DrLee4America, as a physician treating vaccine-injured patients, describes the catastrophic medical damage from the experimental COVID shots that are happening in the healthy, fit military-age population as documented in the Department of Defense D-MED database.

These stunning increases in medical complications and death in our healthy military population are an ominous warning to the older, less healthy American population as a whole. Go to www.TruthForHealth.org if you have experienced medical complications following one of the COVID shots, and fill out our Vaccine Injury report form (available in English, Spanish, and Chinese languages). We also have resources on getting help for treating vaccine-induced complications.

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