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Faith Over Fear – 11.8.2022

THIS WEEK’S TOPIC: WHO Owns YOU? Post-Election Discussion – Who Are the New Slavemasters?

International Attorney Todd Callender & Elizabeth Lee Vliet MD, President and CEO Truth for Health Foundation

The 2022 Mid-Term Elections in America represent a turning point a choice between Liberty and Slavery and a choice between Life and Death. Not only our way of life as we have known it, but our very lives as the out-of-control tyrannical government run by the New World Order global predators gain control of food, water, energy, medicines, independent travel, ability to work if you don’t become a slave to their “vaccine mandates,” seek to consolidated their grip on power and set up cyber infrastructure to steal this 2022 election just as they did in 2020.

By the time of our Faith Over Fear seminar on the evening of November 8, we may not yet know the outcome of this election. Will the “steal” be successful? We will soon know, and this week’s Faith Over Fear will begin the exploration of the consequences of the election for America and the subsequent impact on the world.

A critical question voters will address at the polls on NOV 8:  Do you want to live going forward the same way you lived under the COVID lockdowns and tyranny? 
Tyranny has been carried out on a world-wide scale and more massively across America than at any time in our history in the guise of the “COVID Pandemic.” The COVID playbook was in fact the prologue for total global control set up in the “Great Reset” with totalitarian weaponization of public health used to prevent people from traveling, working, and even leaving their homes under the “COVID Emergency rules. 
Even worse tyranny lies ahead if we allow THIS election to keep the status quo with one party control and the mob rule “democracy” instead of our Constitutional Republic. We cannot allow the beacon of liberty and the Torch of Freedom be snuffed out on OUR watch. Americans face VOTING on Nov. 8 as if our LIFE depends on it.  Because it DOES.


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As we approach these last days before the mid-term election, I share with you a link we created to provide the voter public real time online tools to report suspicious voter activity and fraud. 

The Link is

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