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Faith Over Fear – 11.29.2022

OUR PROPHETIC DESTINY ~ Preparation for the Coming of Christ

Eschatological Views–Preterist, Historicist, Futurist, Idealist Discussion with our views on eschatology. Having an open mind, setting aside what we have been taught and the rules and definitions from man focusing on what Scripture teaches and the context of Scripture. Discussion of Old Testament verses that point to re-establishing Israel as a Nation and a verse that speaks to Hebrew becoming a language—Zeph 3:9 . End times chronology from Christ himself in Matthew 24/Luke 21


Bill Wilson, Christian minister and Founder of Living Spring Church, the covering ministry of The Daily Jot. Bill is a Christian investigative journalist, professional writer, and commentator on current events as they relate to the Bible and prophecy with 40 years experience presenting to audiences around the world. His column The Daily Jot has been a mainstay of his ministry for over 20 years.  Wilson spent the first part of his career as an award-winning journalist. He then entered the realm of political and media consulting, serving Members of Congress and assisting with Presidential and other political campaigns. Thus, Bill intimately understands current events from a dual perspective—he’s been both the one who reports the news and the one who influences what is reported.

Bill traveled the world, sharing with diverse audiences how current events relate to Biblical prophecy, and is the author of two books, including A Christian Parent’s Guide To Making the Internet Family Friendly and WARSHOD–Living Victoriously in the End Times.  Bill has addressed audiences around the world teaching Biblical Christianity and how to understand the principles of interpreting Biblical prophecy and how they relate to current events based in what was foretold in God’s word. The Daily Jot appears both at and  Bill has been a steadfast volunteer with Truth for Health Foundation to assist us in many aspects of our mission.

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