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Faith Over Fear – 10.04.2022

5 SMALL STONES- David vs Goliath. Your Guide to PRO SE LITIGATION Action Steps to Save Your Life and Our Country

Did you know you do not need a lawyer to file a lawsuit? Did you know YOU can file Pro Se complaints for legal actions to hold state and county governments, corporations, hospitals, and even Election Officials, accountable to state regulations?

David was one young shepherd boy who used his only weapon of 5 small stones in his slingshot to slay the giant Goliath threatening the people of Israel. He succeeded against the larger and more powerful enemy because he followed God’s direction, had faith, went out to meet the enemy and took action with the weapons he had available
Pro Se Litigation is the YOUR weapon of 5 Small Stones to fight back against fraud, corruption, and tyranny. It is also a way to insure election integrity in your county and state. YOUR vote matters, and there are many options available to citizens to insure fair elections – IF you take action now with the legal weapons you as one person can use NOW. This week’s Faith Over Fear program brings two top attorneys to explain the new initiative, 5 Small Stones, citizens’ action steps. They are teaching each of us how to file legal complaints in our communities to hold the corrupt authorities responsible to the rule of law.

You can file legal actions against election officials, against hospitals who deny treatment and put patients on the COVID death protocols, against county and state officials who issue unlawful mandates for experimental products…and more. Turn in to learn more in this two part series of Legal Reports as our courageous attorneys teach you how to get started in your community now.

Register at for this free symposium October 6, 2022 3 PM ET: 5 Small Stones: Self Help Legal Initiative, sponsored by VAXX Choice. For more information on the Symposium speakers and more than 30 break-out rooms on many topics for self-help guides, look for the 5 Small Stones: Self-Help Legal Initiative information at or

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