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Faith Over Fear – 7.21.2022

TOPIC: The Neurobiopsychosocial Basis of Behavior: Part II The Crowd

To understand the fullness of the complexity of human behavior, we must explore the intimate links between the physical, psychological, and spiritual facets that make us human. Our neuroscientist expert, Dr. Stephen Sammut, who is also a devout man of faith, presents an integrated biological-scientific, psychological, historical and spiritual perspective. This presentation addresses the reality of crowd behavior we are seeing today that has been referred to as “mass formation psychosis.” Realistically, this one-hour program can only skim the surface of these complex connections, but the hope is that our discussion will stimulate all of us to contemplate the deeper reality of our individual call to live in accordance with God’s design and purpose for our lives. We are endowed with individual personal gifts for our good and the good of those around us, and individually, we are called to raise ourselves and those around us towards the Divine. Yet, when we lose touch with our humanity, or lose our capacity to reason, or fall away from our moral compass, then we can easily fall victim to being manipulated and controlled, dragged down into the crowd behavior, rather than uplifting ourselves and those around us. This is Part II following last week’s focus on the individual aspects of this topic

This week’s Speaker:

Dr. Stephen Sammut received a B.Pharm from Monash University in Victoria, Australia and a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from the University of Malta in Malta, Europe. His research interests lie in investigating the interaction between the endocrine, immune and nervous systems and their role in influencing behavior under normal and abnormal conditions. He has authored and co-authored several papers in leading scientific journals related to the research he has conducted and also presented his work at various national and international conferences. Dr. Sammut is currently a Full Professor of Psychology at Franciscan University of Steubenville, OH, where he teaches and is also actively involved in research. Dr. Sammut’s research is focused on investigating the neurological, biological and behavioral consequences of drug-induced abortion, in addition to the investigation of the abortion-pill-reversal. He is also conducting research addressing the development of an animal model for embryo transfer in ectopic pregnancy, and in line with his research interest in psychopathology, Dr. Sammut also conducts research addressing behaviors that impact mental health.

For more information on our speaker’s professional work and research, read his website: For additional literature/research pertaining to the Pandemic & Public Health literature please see:


The Religious Persecution & Purging of Our Troops Threatens America’s National Security

Dr. Vliet interviews Marine Lance Corporal Catherine Marie Arnett and Army First Lt. Mark Bashaw about the continuing persecution of service members of faith across all branches of the US Military, and the devastating toll this is taking on individual service member’s lives and careers, their families, and on morale, retention and recruiting in our volunteer US Military.  Lance Corporal Arnett is a US Marine stationed in Iwakuni, Japan, currently facing potential criminal charges as a result of refusing, on the grounds of her religious faith, the DoD unlawful order to receive the experimental COVID gene therapy shot.Her religious exemption request was denied, her appeal was denied, and then the Marine Corp punitively initiated orders to separate her from the service (another violation of UCMJ regulations), and then attempted to unlawfully force her to undergo testing with experimental test products, another violation of military regulations. Lt Mark Bashaw is a Preventive Medicine Officer in the Army, whose job duties are to identify health risks adversely affecting troops and to alert them of potential risks. He has been court-martialed for doing his medical job in the military, for which he was trained, by warning people of the potential adverse effects of the experimental COVID shots. With 18 years of service, he is now being forced out of the military after an exemplary career.  Listen here:

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