Rescuing Covid Patients from Death
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Rescuing Covid Patients from Death

From Dr. Breggin’s Introduction: “Elizabeth Lee Vliet MD is an outstanding physician, a force in the ethical and scientific treatment of COVID-19. She recently started the public charity, Truth for Health Foundation, and has already taken on some of the most difficult medical tasks in the world today—rescuing COVID-19 patients from death at the hands of corrupt, misguided, or intimidated hospital doctors and administrators. With Peter A. McCullough MD as the Chief Medical Advisor for her foundation, they are stepping into the void wherever people are suffering from abuses under COVID-19. Dr. Vliet’s descriptions of hospital treatment today are both heartbreaking and inspiring. Her website, Truth for, provides the best resources in many areas, including an outstanding guide for the treatment of COVID-19 and directions for locating doctors around America who will provide these services. We also describe the network of global predators who have imposed this lockstep medical betrayal on patients throughout the world.

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