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2024 Truth For Health Foundation: Fast Facts

We celebrate three years of hard work and dedication from our team of warriors for truth, freedom and health. I am incredibly proud of what we’ve accomplished in our first 3 years at the Truth for Health Foundation.  I promise to continue fighting, every day, for your health and basic human rights.  I’ve been on this mission for my 40 years in Medicine, and I continue to be dedicated to helping you be the best that God intended, and helping preserve our God-given freedoms.

                                                                                                Elizabeth Lee Vliet MD

  • Launched the Truth for Health Store with over 30 products, researched and vetted by Dr. Vliet and the Truth for Health Team, with new products and Health Tips added regularly, carefully researched with medical resources cited and relevant to current health threats.
  • Continue to provide legal defense grants and spearhead new litigation efforts to preserve rights secured by law, especially for military service members and the vaccine-injured
  • Researched and produced Ionizing Radiation Treatment Guide offering a wide variety of nutraceutical, lifestyle strategies and prescription medications to reduce effects of radiation exposure and prevent damage to empower people to take steps to preserve health.
  • Expanded program and services content to include Financial Health resources from reputable experts.
  • Whistleblower Report and Faith over Fear weekly broadcasts reach audiences nationally and internationally
  • Launched Faith over Fear Cancer Risk Reduction Consultation Service providing educational resources to reduce risk of cancer, improve response to treatment, reduce spread and recurrence.
  • Leading organization for COVID response, tracking vaccine injury, educating the public about integrated treatment approaches for COVID, long COVID and vaccine injury
  • Continued focus on COVID vaccine injury – leading the way with truthful and valuable resources for an integrated road map to recovery and pursuing legal action to support the vaccine injured.
  • Updated the Vaccine Injury Treatment Guide with new resources for research-based natural medicines and other integrated approaches to treatment.

In summary: Truth for Health Foundation is

  • Faith-based public charity 501(c)(3) organization
  • Recognized source for truth-based information that is grounded in integrity and honesty
  • In operation since June 2021, all volunteer and lead by medical, legal and scientific experts
  • Visit www.truthforhealth.org for the latest updates

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