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Faith Over Fear – 10.25.2022


PROTECT OUR CHILDREN: Call to Action on CDC ACTION with Experimental COVID Shots Added to the Childhood Immunization Schedule

SPEAKERS: Nicole Landers, RN, BSN, LNC & Monique Robles, MD, MS in Bioethics, & Elizabeth Lee Vliet MD, Preventive Medicine

CDC’s abuse of public trust and total abdication of integrity was on stunning display October 20, 2022 with their decision to add the experimental COVID shots to the official CDC Childhood Vaccine Schedule.  This decision provides full immunity from liability for vaccine damage to all the Big Pharma manufacturers, at the expense of your children’s health. 

Never in the history of the vaccination program worldwide have experimental gene therapy shots been put on the childhood schedule without testing and children without long-term safety data, and without even any FDA oversight of quality, compliance, and good manufacturing practices in the manufacturing and distribution of what’s in the vials that’s being shot into your child’s arm. This is such an egregious violation of the public trust, the regulatory duties of our Fda, our Cdc. Our Nih, the American College of Pediatricians, that it is just absolutely appalling and every parent, grandparent, uncle and aunt, who have children in your life that you care about should be up in arms about this with outrage,and use that outrage. If you are feeling concerned about the safety and well being of your children, use the outrage to get off the couch and go get active, get loud, get involved, and do something to stop the assault on our children, the most innocent among us.

Most people do not realize that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is actually a private corporation, not a true government agency, although it is  funded by the US taxpayers. This is an unprecedented step to add still experimental, not FDA-approved, COVID injections to the official CDC Childhood vaccination (immunization) schedule. This was a unanimous vote, with no debate and no consideration of the many thousands of parents, physicians and concerned citizens who provided comments to the CDC.  by the CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices on October 20, 2022 these ineffective and unsafe COVID shots are now on the official list of recommended childhood “vaccines” for children down to age six months.  Once the CDC has decided that the COVID injections go on the childhood official schedule, Big Pharma is fully immune from liability for any complications, injuries or deaths due to the COVID shots.  That has been the goal all along: full immunity for all the Big Pharma manufacturers to make billions on these shots at the expense of your child, and NO ONE can hold them accountable for damage.  This is a massive assault on our children and it is time to parents to get loud, get involved, and stop this travesty.  Read more here:

Take Action with the CDC here:   Get ahead of school mandates by reaching out to your own school district’s superintendent and your state’s Education Commissioner.  Some suggested talking points: Most children who experience COVID recover without serious illness Effective and inexpensive early treatment options are available, and preventive measures are also effective.There is no long-term safety data on the experimental new technologies in the mRNA and DNA COVID shots.All of the COVID shots trigger the body to make damaging spike proteins and include toxic lipid nanoparticles that can cross the blood-brain barrier and damage the brain There are long-term risks for healthy young people, including possible effects on fertility; four out of five pregnant women (82%) in one Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) study experienced pregnancy loss after receiving COVID injections in the first or second trimesters.The harms of the COVID SHOTS CLEARLY OUTWEIGHT THE BENEFITS. Get the full CHD ebook here.

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