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  1. Dan Nease says:

    Hello. I live in Arizona.
    Do you know of a Doctor in Arizona (Phoenix even better) that treats Covid using the kinds of natural means such as Dr. McCullough and Dr. Vliet prescribe? Thank you.

  2. The medical practices that treat COVID in Arizona and other states are available in this list:
    Practices offering early treatment for COVID: “AAPS makes no claims or representations about the accuracy of the below list or the care from any entity listed. Reliance on this list is at the sole discretion of any visitor to this page.”

    Telemedicine resources for early treatment are listed on the LAST page of our COVID EARLY TREATMENT GUIDE available on THIS website under the TAB on Home Page called TREATMENT.

  3. Jeanne d'Arc glover says:

    I am from Canada. I know young women concerned about once they get the shot, they are concerned about the side effects, especially infertility…and what if their boyfriend took the shot…can they be treated after receiving the shot to stop side effects?? Thank you for providing all this information on Covid and the Shot.

  4. Lil Patrick says:

    Hi I’m from Canada & I’m reaching out to ask if there is way to contact Dr Peter McCullough via email. What’s happening in my province in Canada (taking effect sept 3/21) is that only double vaxxed people will be allowed in establishments ie: restaurants (incl outdoor patios that are not going to allow unvaccinated people), cinemas, etc. There’s a real segregation taking place & I suspect it will soon incl grocery stores…it’s not far fetched for me to think medical services eventually as well. These provincial health rules are going to require people to show their vaccines cards..otherwise they will not be allowed into the establishments.
    There are lawsuits happening in other provinces against the provincial health authorities regarding the vaccine passports….the lawsuits challenge is that it is taking away an individual’s rights to choose what to put in their body…
    My opinion is that mainstream news is censored. I have yet to see Canadian stats on vaccine adverse effects – I personally know people who have had effects from the vaccine, but they’re not part of any stat. To top it off, I’m not even sure if these individuals were seen by their doctor. They may have contacted a medical health link but it appears in the end they stay home & suffer through.

    Some news articles that I read states that these challenges will be overruled because of the govt’s mandate to get everyone vaccinated on the basis of fighting Covid. According to Dr Tam & other provincial health directors (that are front & centre with the premiers) Canada is now in the 4th wave….
    I would really appreciate if your organization could help me get in contact with Dr McCullough. Thank you.

  5. We are happy to share your message with Dr. McCullough. He is overloaded with emails and cannot respond to all of them, but he is already working with international leaders (including the locked down countries of Canada, Australia and others) to help address the issues you raise. It takes more than ONE leader, however. It takes PEOPLE STANDING UNITED AGAINST TYRANNY. Start mobilizing people in your community to push back against these intrusions on your freedom. THAT is what will make the difference.

  6. Truitt says:

    Is there a network of doctors that are members or affiliated with Truth for Health? I would like to know if there are any in my area.

    Thank you.

  7. Petra says:

    I am an advocate of ivermectin; however, as it is “available only by prescription” and doctors in Canada can’t or won’t prescribe it, I have had to order it on-line from Switzerland.As well, I was told that Kamloops and Clearwater had no ivermectin available. My question is: should the 12 mg or 15 mg dose be taken at one sitting (with or just after a meal) or can/should it be divided in the first day?

  8. Mary Ann Carson says:

    Where are some doctors in Louisiana who will prescribe ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine

  9. Veronica says:

    Where in Switzerland did you obtain the Ivermectin? I think the Frontline doctors group FLCCC recommend taking 12mg IVM with fatty foods but you would need to contact them for the exact mount of doses over a period of x number of days.

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