Military Report: Biden’s Gargantuan Fraud on COVID Mandates

The Biden administration’s grand show of supposedly backing off the COVID mandates is actually a smokescreen for their continuing fraud and “hoodwinking” the American public. Biden Administration officials — including the Department of Defense, HHS, FDA, and FAA — all know the COVID mandates for all EUA products —Covid SHOTS, masks, and test kits — were blatantly illegal under 21 USC 360bbb-3(e)(1)(A)(ii)(III).

The illegality of mandates is confirmed explicitly in that law, i.e., the “option to accept or refuse,” and are also supported by 21 CFR 50.25 and the 2005 DoD EUA precedent for anthrax vaccine that was also an illegal mandate eventually overturned by the courts and subsequently led Congress to enact added federal legislation to protect America’s military from future similar abuses – all of which have been ignored in the management of the COVID pandemic and unlawful mandates using EUA products deceptively foisted off the military and civilian public as “approved” for COVID.

USAF Col (Ret.) Tom Rempfer, USAF Col (Ret.). Jim Zietlow, both military combat pilots with each nearly 30 years of experience, and Lt. Col. Jon Cheek serves in the US Army in the Pentagon as a strategic plans and policy officer, with almost 19 years of active federal service, join Dr. Vliet in exposing the added lies and deceptions perpetrated on the American people that have resulted in catastrophic damage to health, lives, careers, and military readiness and our national security. The extent of the deception and fraud grows more damaging with each new revelation.

Col. Rempfer was one of the lead plaintiffs in the successful lawsuit to stop the Anthrax vaccine mandates 20 years ago. Col. Zietlow is a former Global military Lead Planner who speaks authoritatively about what was NOT done in COVID that should have been done to carry out the government’s own National Pandemic Response.  Col. Zietlow has also been a United Airlines pilot for more than 20 years and is a co-lead plaintiff in the United Airlines lawsuit related to vaccine damage and illegal mandates.

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