Military Report: Airman Exposes VA’s Punitive Tactics With Unlawful Mask Orders

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) obsession with unlawful Covid-19 mandates continue to punitive service members and veterans. TSgt Same Cooke reveals the VA’s draconian and punitive enforcement of these illegal mask orders. Sam challenged them on the legality of the mask mandates, and that led to multiple armed VA police officers literally acting as “mask police” at point-of-entry, which continues to this day. Sam was given an ultimatum: 1) remove his cloth mask and use a disposable mask issued by VA security, 2) wear both masks or 3) leave the building to seek healthcare elsewhere. Sam learned to his shock that VA policy trumps US law in federal statutes.

Sam complied to continue his medical treatment. During the lengthy procedure involving multiple injections and neurological “stimulation,” he nearly lost consciousness because of a lack of oxygen wearing the mask. He was finally allowed to lower the mask several times to maintain sufficient oxygen. How do “policies” usurp federal statutes that guarantee your legal and God-given rights to refuse unlicensed products? They discuss the recent Epoch Times article, Major US Agency to Keep COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Despite White House rescinding the mandates May 2, 2023. This article confirms that the VA has no intention of changing its modus operandi.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Secretary Denis McDonough made a flagrantly false statement to employees, as reported in The Epoch Times: “As we transition to this new phase of our response to the pandemic, the vaccine (including booster shots) remains the best way to protect you, your families, your colleagues, and veterans from COVID-19.”

At the same time, thousands of studies have revealed Mask-Induced Exhaustion Syndrome (MIES) as a possible explanation for Long Covid. Not to mention excess mortality and the VAERS database filled 1.5 million adverse events for the Covid-19 injections. The patients the VA cares for usually have many medical issues and could use all the oxygen they can get. There is an old military service idiom that seems to apply here: “You can’t fix stupid!” And malevolent intent has trumped the rule of law these last three years.

TSgt Sam is a retiring Air Force Reservist with over 22 years of service – the first ten as a C-130 turboprop mechanic and the latter 12+ as a Chaplain Assistant (now called Religious Affairs). On the civilian side, Sam has an engineering engineer and has worked for Boeing Defense for the last five years as a Product Review Engineer in Minuteman III missile guidance MRO (Maintenance Repair and Overhaul). He has been receiving VA Healthcare for the previous 7 years and is VA-rated 100% service-connected disabled.

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