Oral and Nasal Solution Preparations for Treatment of COVID-19

Our Grandmothers knew that preventing viruses and bacteria from leading to serious lung infections startedwith simple tools like flushing your nose, mouth and throat with salt water, dilute iodine solution dilutedhydrogen peroxide solution. Viruses and bacteria enter your body through your nose and mouth, begin tomultiply and live in these areas at the beginning a …

DrPeterMcCullough on InfoWars with Alex Jones

Dr. Peter McCullough’s Presentation on InfoWars with Alex Jones

Dr. Peter McCullough joins Alex Jones live in studio to give his powerful presentation on the COVID virus, its mutations, and the mRNA gene therapy/viral vector injections. Segment 1 – Intro In this segment Dr. Peter McCullough touches on the public policy decisions in response to Covid-19 that have resulted in mass death, and the …

Scientific Dissent- Truth for Health Foundation

The Attack on Scientific Dissent Becomes Ever More Brutal

“In this ‘Age of Lysenkoism,’ the approach is to use the hysterical media to go on the attack, to smear, and blame the skeptics who question failed policies and mandates, for the very failure of the policies and mandates that were implemented. It has gotten to a point now where the media has garnered near zero credibility and the public believes near zero in terms of what the media prints. ”