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The Whistleblower Report™ will shine a light of truth, from a variety of perspectives and voices. Hosted by a core team of content experts in different fields, with invited guest whistleblowers. The Whistleblower Report™ will focus on the following topical areas: Miltary, Pediatric, Legal, Faith, Medical, and so much more.

The Whistleblower Report™ carries out the mission of the Truth for Health Foundation to provide truthful, balanced, medically sound, research-based information and cutting-edge updates on the prevention and treatment of common medical conditions, including COVID-19 and other infectious diseases, that affect health, quality of life and longevity.

The Whistleblower Report™ is an extension of that mission as a resource for all who seek truth and freedom in medical decision-making.

  • DAY OF INFAMY: Pearl Harbor Lessons for Today

    Today marks the 81st anniversary of Japan’s surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, killing 2,403 Americans and wounding 1,178 others…in addition to destroying most of our Pacific fleet ships at Pearl Harbor Naval Base.  This vicious act launched the United States into World War II in a death match against evil to preserve and maintain the American ideal …

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  • Whistleblower Report – Who Owns You?

    COVID Injections are gene modifiers, and those who are injected become GMOs, is this resulting DNA in human GMO subjects owned by pharma? Dr. Vliet and International Attorney Todd Callender discuss.

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  • Navy Special Operations Medic Speaks Out!

    Senior Chief special operations medic Dixon Brown, a Navy Senior Chief Petty Officer with over 18 years in the military, and with many deployments as a combat medic “downrange,”discusses his journey over the last two years with the COVID19 Emergency Declaration and the impact of the mandates in the military. The reality of what he …

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  • Medical Martial Law Coming to Your State? Here’s What You Need to Know

    Although stopped for now in New York state, shockingly, this regulatory framework has already passed into law in Florida, Alaska, and Washington state, which have all adopted the “Turning Point” model legislation. Similar initiatives are making their way state by state, and are in various stages of the legislative process. Today’s Whistleblower Report documents the legal framework and plans going back …

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  • Major FAA Lawsuit and Biden’s Transhumanism September 12 Executive Order

    Dangers to the flying public, and those on the ground in the event of an air disaster with a military or civilian plane crash are very real threats with the vaccine-induced damage to commercial and military pilots. Legal and Medical Whistleblowers have come forward with dire warnings to the FAA that have been ignored. Dire …

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  • FLCCC Physicians Persecuted For Saving Lives

    Dr. Paul Marik and Dr. Pierre Kory, two of the world’s leading pulmonary medicine and critical care physicians and co-founders of the Frontline Covid Critical Care Alliance, led the successful treatment of critically ill COVID patients with combination, sequenced multi-drug interventions based on Ivermectin and other older safer medicines. In spite of having a medication strategy …

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  • America’s Beacon of Hope to the World Starts with the Church

    The Church — Protestant and Catholic — is under assault by those determined to undermine the Judeo-Christian principles on which America and most Western civilization have been founded. The future of the Christian faith in the Western world, in particular, seems to be hanging on by a thread, with religious freedom under constant attack from …

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  • Pediatric Pandemic Impacts; Makings of A Whistleblower Trio

    Today’s program provides the audience the opportunity to get to know the hosts’ personal and professional experiences with the COVID-19 Pandemic. All three of our co-hosts for the Pediatric Report have paid a high price for the lies, deceptions, and unlawful COVID shot mandates that have cost lives, livelihoods and trampled upon core human rights, …

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  • Toxicity By Design: Dr. Yeadon’s Critical Message to the World

    DrLee4America talks with Dr. Michael Yeadon, former Pfizer VP and Chief Scientist Worldwide, Allergy and Respiratory, and one of the only senior pharmaceutical scientists courageously exposing the cover-up of known damage from the experimental gene-therapy COVID shots. The Whistleblower Report’s Medical Freedom segment focuses on exposing the lies, deceptions, cover-ups, and actual deaths and damages …

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  • The Bounty on a COVID Patient’s Life Could Reach Half a Million!

    Murder for money and gross medical deception in America’s hospitals? These two courageous attorneys, whistleblowers on the massive cover-up of intentional deaths in hospitals across America, expose the financial windfalls to hospitals for following the “covid death protocol” put in place by the deadly combination of the NIH, CMS under the 2016 CURES Act and …

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  • Dept. of Defense Violations of Law: The COVER-UP

    The Military Whistleblower Team brings an explosive expose of major violations of law with top DoD officials. A Senior Naval Officer filed an official complaint against Naval Inspector General, Vice Admiral John Fuller, for dereliction of duty by covering up federal crimes committed by several Navy leaders in the execution of the COVID-19 vaccination mandate …

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  • The Whistleblower Report™ – Weekdays Noon pm ET

    The Whistleblower Report™ will shine a light of truth, from a variety of perspectives and voices. Hosted by a core team of content experts in different fields, with invited guest whistleblowers. The Whistleblower Report™ will focus on the following topical areas: Miltary, Pediatric, Legal, Faith, Medical, and so much more. The Whistleblower Report™ carries out …

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