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Powerful Vaccine Analogy: Dr. Ben Tapper

If I told you that my CHILD was injured in a car accident, you would be compassionate and worried. If I told you it was because the BRAKES FAILED, you would be shocked and appalled. If I told you I found out the manufacturer decided not to bother testing the brakes, you would be mad and tell me to SUE. If I told you I found over 60 studies showing they knew they would fail and opted instead to cover it up, your HEAD WOULD SPIN. If I further told you that: The government KNEW ALL ALONG ABOUT THE DANGERS; that laws were passed to PREVENT ANYONE FROM SUING the manufacturers; that there were HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of killed/injured CHILDREN, you would be beyond yourself trying to work out how to help these kids. But replace the word CAR with the word VACCINE and you would run a mile. Why? Think about it because this is the truth. Millions of parents are fighting each day JUST TO BE HEARD. 

The evidence is beyond question. Vaccines are not properly tested and hundreds of studies show the connection between vaccines and serious injuries, including seizures, neurological damage, Guillain Barre Syndrome and Death. This is besides the high rate of life- threatening allergies, asthma, cancer and chronic ailments amongst vaccinated children. Where are the recalls? Where is the demand for answers? Where is the public outrage? The alternative media is the only place where this information can be found because the truth is being suppressed.

So are you going to continue ignoring the warnings and the truth until YOUR child is injured or killed?


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